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Neidi Wed 23-May-12 23:11:59

I'm new to this site and hoping that someone might be able to answer me a question. My family and I ate moving to Paris and hoping to send our boys to an international school. I'm a teacher with a degree in education and am hoping to find work in an international school too. Does anyone know if there are any discounts available to teachers if your children attend the school you teach in. Obviously this would help us decide on the school as sine if the fees are high!!
Thanking you in advance !

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Neidi Wed 23-May-12 23:13:33

Sorry, just saw my typing errors !

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unobtanium Thu 24-May-12 07:18:11

Hi Neidi, I know quite a few teachers here in int'l schools and they all get discounts. However I do not know about all the schools... the teachers I know are at Ermitage. However, many (though not all) of them are not happy teaching there (lack of management support, disorganisation, no clear strategic plan, absentee headmaster, poor communication, clamp down on benefits and no pay increase in the past five years...) so I could not recommend this school for you.
There are many great schools and I am sure many give discounts. I have the distinct impression that the British School gives discounts; I know their fees are very high and I met a member of staff there who hinted that she could not have enrolled her son without a discount.
There is little movement in staff at international schools in Paris, as it is seen as such a plum post for teachers, so choose your school carefully as it would seem hard to jump ship to another school in the area once you are here.
Best of luck, if you choose the right school you will love it!

natation Thu 24-May-12 18:32:24

It might make a difference if you employed on a relocation package from abroad or if you are employed locally - in the latter case, you may get no discount at all, in the former your children might be discounted or completely free. Ask some of the HR departments of the international schools in Paris directly, or try googling adverts for jobs there as the details should be in the job adverts.

BriocheDoree Fri 25-May-12 08:17:26

jobs in international schools are often advertised in Fusac

bodemiller Fri 25-May-12 09:05:06

BSP does offer reduced fees but only after you have worked there for 2 years

PalmTrees Fri 25-May-12 18:20:45

Teaching staff at the BSP get reduced fees straight away, only support staff have to wait 2 years.


MrsSchadenfreude Sat 26-May-12 07:35:53

I think ASP also give reduced fees.

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