Babies in a hot country

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claireinmodena Thu 10-May-12 16:33:10


I have 3month old twins and live in Italy, in an area that gets very hot and humid in the summer, and lots of mozzies too.

Any tips on how to keep the babies safe from sun, heat and especially mozzies? (apart from obvious mosquito nets)

I seem to remember simething about under ones and suncream, like you need specific sun cream for them??

All advice appreciated


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Mosman Thu 10-May-12 17:50:13

I think the advice is that they shouldn't have any sun cream under one just kept out of the sun completely.

justonemorethread Thu 10-May-12 17:59:30

Have you checked in a good farmacia, they should have products for both mozzies and sun suitable for infants. There is Def a chicco mosquito cream, but if you can get hold of the little green Johnson and Johnson bottle of mosque. Repellent lotion that is the most effective, imo.

Also in prenatal you can get towelling covers to go on pushchairs and car seats, Def help keep the body cooler than those synthetic materials.

A bit if suncream imo is better than nothing if you are by a pool or on the beach - even in the shade the dun can still get them.

Keep your shutters and Windows closed in the daytime!

Good luck - hot climate + babies equals loads of Inconvenience!

claireinmodena Thu 10-May-12 18:57:40

Keeping them out of the sun altogether is just not realistic as I hace two older children and need to get out and about.

Thank you for the tip about the j&j mozzie cream, I will look out for it. I have to say I am less than enthusiastic about using creams on my babies but must ve vetter than them being bitten sad.

I hate the summer here...angry

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stikmatix Thu 10-May-12 20:52:18

UV cover for the buggy is essential. We moved to Manila when DD3 (the youngest of our 4 kids) was 3 months, and used a Kiddopotamus Rayshade cover on the buggy.

It was so cool because it was just perfect with the buggy we had and we could rig it so that she was entirely covered by the Rayshade. It has velcro adjustments so tons of flexibility for positioning....

justonemorethread Thu 10-May-12 22:35:33

To be honest I'm not sure if you'll find the j&j in Italy, I've always bought it in England or where I used to live (west indies), But there are alternatives. I grew up in Italy so know what you meant about the humidity. There is no escaping it.

If it makes you feel any better both mine were smothered in deet (but we had malaria and dengue fever to worry about, Deffo no deet for your babies!!!) and suncream (not so bad) from very early one and are not showing any side effets as yet (4 years on).

I'm sure you'll find something in the pharmacy. I always think Italian pharmacies are wonderful places.

And don't listen to all the fussy Italians who look aghast when you take your babies out in the heat, just shrug and say 'sono Inglese!'

My dd was born in Florence in July, it was 40 degrees. The midwives gave us the little pep talk before discharging us and ended it with ' take these babies out!, just be sensible about it, keep them shaded and hydrated, but don't keep them couped up.'

Oh, and despite ALL the breastfeeding advice, I actually did give mine a teeny drop of water in the afternoon. I learnt the hard way with my first child. When it's THAT hot a teeny drop is a good thing I think.

laptopwieldingharpy Fri 11-May-12 03:57:52

A buggy UV shield is essential

Spray the buggy&shield and their clothes.
We have some very effective mosquito patches here (Asia) that you stick on their clothes and inside the buggy to repel mozzzies. Worth asking the pharmacy wether they stock anything similar. Its just citronella.

And agree to a drop ow water from time to time.

DD was born in Singapore at the hottest/most humid time of year, I breastfed very frequently but still topped it occasionally with cooled boiled water, sometimes infused with verbena or fennel as she had colic.

I never used sunscreen, so sorry no help here.

you'll be fine.


RichManPoorManBeggarmanThief Fri 11-May-12 05:12:43

I second the citronella patches- use them for DS (20mo) as Mozzie protection- stick them on the back of his shirt so he cant peel them off, or on the pushchair when out and about. Can also stick to the cot at night.

I did use suncream on DS when he was under one. You can't never go out, he's a bald baby who refuses to wear hats and I'm a bit "meh" about chemicals tbh. I used the banana boat spray for kids.

Bubbaluv Fri 11-May-12 10:27:59

I'm in Australia so face similar issues. Never heard the no-sunscreen thing. Children here are slathered in the stuff and then wear hats and full-body sunsuits once they are up and toddling about.
I personally think baby suncream is a marketing tool and not necessary unless your baby has super sensitive skin - best not to get anything highly perfumed though.
Roll on insect repellent is useful.
A fan in the bedroom is useful to keep air circulating and keep things cool at sleep times.
Make sure your baby gets plenty of nappy-free time otherwise they end up with horrible sweaty-bum nappy rash.
Hats that tie on make life a lot easier and if you use them regularly from birth you might have more of a chance of having a baby that is happy wearing them.
Very light sleeping bags are great.
Can't think of anything else.

claireinmodena Fri 11-May-12 16:27:46


And don't listen to all the fussy Italians who look aghast when you take your babies out in the heat, just shrug and say 'sono Inglese!'

This made me laugh! Actually I am Italian, but lived in the uk for many years where my first two were born, and in many respects I am more English than Italian! (I get funny looks when I take mine to the park without hat/scarf if its anything under 18c confused). Also I grew up in another area much cooler, so this terrible heat/humidity combo, plus the dreadful mosquitoes that bite all day long are a complete novelty for me! We all cover ourselves in spray, but I wasn't too keen for the babies.

I'm sure you'll find something in the pharmacy. I always think Italian pharmacies are wonderful places.

Hmm not always I have had dreadful advice in some, if not totally wrong, this morning they tried to sell an anti mozzie spray that clearly said "for children over 2 only"!!

Thanks about the advice about the citronella patches, will look out for them, and the sunshade recommendation, we won't need it just yet as they are still in a carrycot with its own shade, but once moved to a buggy definitely!

Will remember to offer them drinks of water too.

Ideally I would love to emigrate to a cold country for the whole summer (like the UK wink`but failing that I will try to survive somehow.

thanks again

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