Abu dhabi? HELP!

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mama2many Wed 02-May-12 12:49:23

i was wondering if anyone could give me a rough cost of living in abu dhabi? the cost of housing and education?
what is a good salary per month in AED?

thank you

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lambfam Wed 02-May-12 16:05:57

recently moved back from Dubai and the cost of living is very high there - but the salaries are tax free and generally higher, so this makes up for it. not sure if I can recommend it on here, but there is a website called expatwoman that has a very active forum and the ladies on there would be able to give up to date figures. our school fees in Dubai where around 65,000 dhs at senior school and 40 - 50,000 dhs at primary school. They do vary from school to school. Not sure about housing in AD but in Dubai, you really need 250,000 dhs for a nice 4 bed house and many people pay much more. good luck

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