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Polpettona Sun 18-Mar-12 15:10:45

Hi everyone! I'm a fairly new mums-netter. I've just been offered a teaching post in Brunei, I've got two little ones, 2yrs old and 4yrs old. Is there anyone out there who lives in Brunei that could advise me what it's like to live over there?

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LoopyLoopsIsTentativelyBack Sun 18-Mar-12 15:34:08


I've just accepted a teaching job in KL. Not been to Brunei so can't help with that, but interested to share your planning if you do decide to go!

I may be confused but I thought I had read somewhere that Brunei is one of the countries where a working woman can't support her husband? This might be nonsense but do double check. smile

Polpettona Wed 21-Mar-12 08:05:06

Hi Loopy,
Congrats for your new job!
The school has already informed me that my hubbie will be fine but he's a swimming instructor and the school has said that he would be able to find work over there.
Can't wait! smile

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PestoSansVesto Wed 21-Mar-12 08:09:49

It's very hot & humid.
T'is quite a religious country, you have to dress respectfully.
People tend to be either Malay speaking or Chinese speaking. It isn't very touristy, but once a year on the Sultan's birthday, he opens up his palace and both residents and visitors are welcome to have a look round - t'is amazing btw!

WaitingForMe Wed 21-Mar-12 08:19:10

I had a friend living there and stayed for three weeks.

The expats have a big dinner party culture because you can't get alcohol in restaurants. You can't buy it either but if you have a foreign passport you can bring it in. I was hugely amused at going to Malaysia to go to the pub! (Then bringing my allowance back)

It's very small but my friend did two years before she started going a bit stir-crazy. Flights to KL (where I lived) and other places are crazy cheap so it's a nice rural base for lots of travel.

DM me if you'd like me to put you in touch with her.

Caught11 Wed 21-Mar-12 17:00:42

I had my 3rd DD there and lived there for 6 years, Fab place to bring up kids ( when young not so good for teens) We went to singapore often for R&R.Made true friends there as all the expats help one another out.Live in help is cheap.We lived in Kuala Belait, but my eldest DD did 2 years boarding in Jerudong school (money no object!) and came home at the weekend. Yes its hot but the whole experience with the rainforest,cultures,expat comunity fab.
So glad my kids and us spent there early years there.
The locals are very gentle people.....Its 12 years since we left,but any questions I can answer just ask

Lougle Wed 21-Mar-12 17:10:48

My Dad had a Married Status contract for 2 years when I was aged between 2-4. They loved it.

Check the visa rules though. I know when Mum & Dad were there (very early 1980s) once Dad's contract expired, they had exactly 3 days to get out. Very strict.

Mum and Dad were at Panaga.


Polpettona Thu 22-Mar-12 08:36:26

Thanks everyone for replying! I'm still waiting for all the contract stuff to come through, we'll be living in Panaga I think. I did hear that it's great for young children. We're not drinkers so having no alcohol doesn't bother us really. waitingforme does your friend still live there?
Can anyone tell me what the coast is like, are the beaches nice for children to play on?

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Caught11 Thu 22-Mar-12 18:02:56

The beaches at panaga are great,the panaga club has a great beach and great facilities for kids. Although it was a long time ago we were there ! As I said an ideal place to bring up a young family.....all my 3 DD's still talk about it.

Polpettona Thu 22-Mar-12 20:14:49

Thanks Caught11 , I'm really excited about it!I moved around a lot as a child but never with children of my own so it'll be an interesting adventure smile If I have anymore questions I will def ask, thanks for your help smile

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IsLovingAndGiving Wed 04-Apr-12 07:30:21

My family moved to Brunei 12 yrs ago when my sister and I were 7 & 9. My little sister was also born out there. My Dad taught at a local school, while my mum worked at the International school I attended. I have great memories of life out there- especially loved the beaches, panaga club, yacht clubs and all the runs through the jungle!!!

Polpettona Wed 04-Apr-12 17:04:30

Islovingandgiving Thanks for your post. I've been keeping myself informed through blogs about life there and I'm feeling pretty excited about it, all I have to do now is continue to convince my hubbie that it's a great opportunity, he's a bit more wary than I am!

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Colliecollie Sat 09-Feb-13 19:21:05


Polpettona did you make the move? We might be moving to Brunei and I would love to hear about what the cost of living is like and what the schools are like.

JarrettsMum Wed 24-Apr-13 15:58:17

Hi Colliecollie
We're also moving to Brunei this summer, have you managed to find any information you could share? My ds will be 15 months old by then & i'm just thinking about all the things he'll need...
good luck

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