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Mummyinggnome Mon 12-Mar-12 13:10:49

Hi all,
Can anyone give me ideas for rainy days here?
We like go go bambini etc but It's fairly expensive if you have three children! Anything else out there?

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TheExpatWife Tue 13-Mar-12 05:23:18

School holidays...? wink I agree the soft play centres are pretty pricey for three kids.

I tend to put on old clothes and go out anyway, the Bot Gardens are fine in the rain, not too swampy, and the temp is just right for running around in. Take a towel to get the worst off then straight in to the shower when we get home.

Or Ikea - wander round, buy an ice-cream for a dollar, buy some coloured paper and pencils then take it home and draw.

The cinemas often do a cheap ticket in the daytime (the one in Great World City?)

Chicken rice and a smoothie in the (basement) Tanglin Mall food centre...

The $2 shop - got a Japanese name that I can never remember - one in Plaza Singapura on one of the higher floors, and one in Ion, in the lowest basement floor. Plenty of entertainment and a full-up basket to be had for $10.

The Science Centre out towards Jurong is good too, has an outdoor water park but is mainly inside with an indoor playground masquerading as a educational area, along with experiments and hand-on stuff. Much less expensive, I recall, than soft play (maybe $5 per child, $8 per adult?) and got a McD's outside.

papooshka Tue 13-Mar-12 06:03:35

Theres a great indoor play place at Delta Sports Centre on Alexandra Rd, its only small, but much cheaper than Gogo etc.

Mummyinggnome Tue 13-Mar-12 10:06:28

Thanks, much appreciated!

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laptopwieldingharpy Tue 13-Mar-12 14:57:31

the safra in to a payoh has a big indoor playroom a fraction of the price of go go

the playground in paragon

and look at the websites of shopping malls like marina square, forum, plaza singapura etc for timings of free shows, crafts etc..

there is also always a very good children's season at the national museum around this time of year

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