Short holiday lets in Perth

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giggly Fri 03-Feb-12 21:44:13

Finally on the move and looking for a short let until our container arrives. I will be working at the north end of Kings Park and will be looking to rent SOR. I need a short commute as I will be working shifts and will want to get home asap.
Have looked at Victoria/East Park but have seen comments about homeswest but dont have a clue what they are. Social housing ? Only have a budget up to $450 and happy to ahve an older house and smaller garden.

Although I have been to Perth a few times we never really paid attention to suburbs so havent a clue really as to what this area is like. Does anyone have any experience of these areas?

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giggly Fri 03-Feb-12 21:51:55

Sorry realised that did'nt make sense. We will rent a furnished short let for 2-
3 weeks while finding a longer let, sorting schools etc. On another note how to you register for a GP?

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camerontoll Sun 05-Feb-12 14:02:27

Will you drive or take the train or bus to work?

To register with a gp just go in and ask but you need to have registered with Medicare first. Our nearest place was whitfords shopping centre which is NOR.

Bull creek willieton and canning vale are pretty good burbs but again it depends how much travel time you want. The trains into Perth are very quick, reliable and cheap.

Sotiredofwakinguptired Mon 06-Feb-12 04:08:00

Hi I have just made this move and am currently living in carlisle just next to vic park. Can give you any extra help if you want to private message me. Will try to answer any questions. There is a Medicare office quite close to vic park in Belmont forum shopping centre.

ben5 Mon 06-Feb-12 04:13:31

we are probably to far south for you in Rockingham but if you need anything give us a shout. Schools are easier than UK to get into. your local school will have to take your children but you can choose whichever school you like. they might have a waiting list however

giggly Mon 06-Feb-12 22:51:35

Thanks for you replies. I imagine that we will have one car to start as I will be hospital based and not need a car for work, so would be happy to use bus/train. Dh will be at home with dc until all settled.
I would really like no more than 30 minutes travel as my thinking is that I spend more time at work than home, so would prefer to reduce time out of home.
I have looked at Victoria Park school which seems good. The irony is that I live right next to a Victoria parksmile We have to organise our Medicare before we leave.
Just need to sell the house.

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camerontoll Tue 07-Feb-12 07:17:51

So you are At Charlie's then? Yes, youn can apply for Medicare before you leave but you still need to go to a centre with ID etc so they can send out your Medicare cards.


giggly Tue 07-Feb-12 23:04:49

at Charlie's confused do you know me in RL? rushes of to check previous posts

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SparkleSoiree Wed 08-Feb-12 01:03:48

I am interested in this thread too....we are moving to Perth at the end of February....

camerontoll Wed 08-Feb-12 07:21:48

No giggly. It is just locations mentioned and that is where Charlie's is! You are safe!

When we moved we moved from a town here to a suburb of te same name in Perth.

giggly Wed 08-Feb-12 23:27:02

oh, thats a reliefsmile thought I was outed. Quite like the idea of living in Charlies, where is it.
Sparkle I got to sell my house before moving, keep us posted on your move.

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roary Tue 14-Feb-12 04:07:04

Good luck with your move - if you haven't left yet I'd suggest seeing if you have time to get a proper visa label stuck in your passport.DIAC tell you you don't need this but it would have saved me a lot of hassle. Otherwise you will need to cart around a copy of your visa grant letter for all official business for the first little while (Including medicare!)

IMO the area around Charlies is really good, much less suburban than lots of parts of Perth. The far suburbs here tend to be lovely and familly friendly and close to the beach, but can be much farther out than you'd expect.

Also, Homeswest is social housing, if you're still wondering. Vic Park is nice and convenient for the city; Subiaco/Shenton Park might also be a possibility? (Am a bit useless on rents there though I'm afraid).

Has anyone seen this video?? It's worryingly accurate and very funny!

roary Tue 14-Feb-12 04:08:05

PS I couldn't organize medicare until I activated my visa (ie, entered Australia) but that may have been me - once I was here it was a fairly straightforward process.

dumdedah Tue 14-Feb-12 11:21:08

If you'll be doing shiftwork and planning on using public transport at strange hours, I'd check the bus/train times before you commit to a place. You might be 10 minutes away by car, but an hour and a half away in real-time waiting for the next bus. You can test things out on the transperth site Charlie's isn't super close to any train stations, but the buses should be pretty good, being near both a hospital and a uni.
I know you said SOR, but Subiaco is really nice, lots of cafes and interesting shops. Could also ride a bike to work if you were motivated smile Not sure if it would fit in the budget though, Perth is so expensive. Can get a feel on
Stayz website does short term holiday lets, again might be too expensive. Do you have a contact at Charlie's that could post something on the noticeboard there? It's a huge hospital, might chance a housesit or a cheap short term rent option?

giggly Tue 14-Feb-12 23:49:31

sorry, charlies came up from me thinling camerontoll had knew me in rl as I have a dc of that namewink I need to look at a map to see where it is. Subiaco would be nice but the rents are to high.

We have no intention of moving to one of the big surbs with new builds as they are all to far out from my work. was thinking of biking it dumdedah but would need to find that motivation.

Roary how would I get a proper visa label, just ask my case officer?
Not away yet , need to sell my house first, just trying to get organised in my head.

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roary Wed 15-Feb-12 04:55:38

Giggly, you have to go to the Aus high commission to do it, so if getting to London is a hassle it's not worth it (but if it is easy, then I'd do it). I'd check out rent in Shenton Park as well, and then just draw a circle around Charlie's and figure out how far out you want to go - Floreat, Wembley, Innaloo all nice suburbs and not too far away and have good public schools.

Biking in Perth is surprisingly good for a big car oriented city, there are cycle tracks etc, but you would need to shower at work on most days as it is so hot and Perth is hilly, so you will work up a sweat! My route to work is downhill on the way there so I can just about get away without showering at work except when it is very hot....

giggly Thu 16-Feb-12 22:01:13

Thanks roary I am in Glasgow so will not bother with another trip to London, had to go last year for my interview.
will ahve a look at the areas you ahve mentioned thanks .

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oldnewmummy Sat 18-Feb-12 08:21:41

Don't register for Medicare until you actually move there. If you later decide to take out private health insurance, if you don't do it within 12 months of registering for Medicare you get hit with an age loading for each year you're over 30.

Sandgroper Sat 18-Feb-12 14:49:28

Hi giggly

My best friend works at Charlies and cycles from Kensington (near South Perth) each day. She said it takes her 40 mins, a bit more if it is windy day (they have showers at work). Cycle path most of the way and lovely ride along the river, especially on the Crawley side of the river!

Parking is notoriously difficult and expensive in/around Charlies, lots of the streets near there, (on Nedlands/Shenton Park side) have parking restricitions and the locals HATE the workers clogging up their roads!!!!

Perth has brilliant cycle paths, oh and you have to wear a helmet (it's the law)!

We lived in a 3 bed townhouse in Shenton Park 4 years ago and were paying $780 per week in rent, just seen the same place advertised for $900 per week! shock

Perth is a fantastic place to live you, enjoy!

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