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EmmaNicole Thu 26-Jan-12 19:05:16

Just come across this on-line company who sell British food and send anywhere in the world - sounds great! They have my favourite M&S tea bags!! Anybody used them??

wentshopping Fri 27-Jan-12 17:11:20

Thanks EmmaN for highlighting this - I see they have pgtips and galaxy. smile Postage rates seem to depend on the weight of the package, so I might try them and see what it comes out at. I am a bit alarmed that one of the top sellers is Pot Noodle. Can't say I miss that!

Tenebrist Fri 27-Jan-12 17:24:46

Mmm good range, but the postage structure is hardly transparent - seems you have to actually put together an order in order to get an idea of the post costs. Can you tell me what your sample order would cost, wentshopping?

wentshopping Fri 27-Jan-12 17:46:58

Hmm, well I put together a short shopping list - tea, skips and penguin biscuits, which comes to 12.76 and shipping and handling is another 21.82 (GB pounds), so it is quite expensive.

wentshopping Fri 27-Jan-12 17:47:32

You can fill your "cart" and it calculates shipping before you put in any payment details.

Tenebrist Fri 27-Jan-12 18:58:03

Cripes, wentshopping, that's terrible. You'd have to be desperate for your Eccles Cakes to do that. Maybe I'm not really the target market as we have several expat shops here in the city, but they have a much smaller selection and not easy to get to. TBH if you live in Europe it would be much better value to get a cheapo EasyJet flight and stock up in a suitcase.

Tenebrist Fri 27-Jan-12 19:00:34

The main things we get from the expat shop are pickled onions, Branston pickle, Bisto granules and Ambrosia custard. I'd say on average the items are twice the British shop price.

wentshopping Fri 27-Jan-12 19:06:54

We can get pickle, ribena, pgtips etc here, (USA) but it is vv expensive. I usually stock up with chocolate on my home trips, but I do order clothes direct from M&S now that they deliver here. (DD3 has to have knee-high socks). Oh well, I'll just keep getting the overpriced British stuff at the local supermarket. $2.09 for a can of beans shock

claireinmodena Fri 27-Jan-12 19:14:28

If you wang to compare prices there is another one

EmmaNicole Fri 27-Jan-12 20:36:35

Wow, it is expensive - I hadn't clocked the postage structure. Maybe if I get really desparate!!

EmmaNicole Fri 27-Jan-12 20:40:37

claireinmodena...britishcornershop looks great too! Even just browsing the website and seeing all those familiar brands is sad I am!

EndangeredSpeciesII Fri 27-Jan-12 21:01:03

I've used britishcornershop they have an offer on postage this week, it's about £17 for a box, I think it weighs 30 kg.

Basically it's well worth it if you fill it up, and definitely worth it for teabags and baked beans. Here I have to pay about £2.50 for a box of 25 teabags, online you can get massive bags of PG Tips that'll last you all year

scaryteacher Mon 30-Jan-12 10:30:15

If you are in Europe, then try Amazon UK. I'm in Belgium and have just ordered 6 months of cat food as it's cheaper than here, and delivery was free. You can get Tea bags etc from there as well I think.

parent11and14 Mon 30-Oct-17 11:38:23

They sent the wrong product then refused full refund. The product they sent was twice the cost of other suppliers. May be good for Brit expats wanting goods sent abroad. very disappointed with service.

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