Anyone living abroad with no family left in their 'original' country?

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AccrossTheChannel Mon 23-Jan-12 15:21:57

So, my gran died recently. She was the only person left in the family who was still living my country of origin (France).
My parents decided to move near where I am living, I am an only child and all my uncles/aunts (whether I am in touch with them or not) are now living abroad.

I am feeling like I have lost an anchor point, even though I've lived away from France longer than 'in' France iyswim.

But most of all, I am wondering how I am going to approach 'France' with my dcs. Before we were going back to see my gran. Now there is no vaild reason to do so. Going anyweher else will be like a holiday (and we can have one anywhere to be fair). Even going back to our 'town of origin' will be more like a simple holiday that a 'ging back to my roots'.

Anyone experienced that? How did you deal with and how did you help your dcs deveolp some sort of 'relationship' with half of their heritage when there is nothing left of it?

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AccrossTheChannel Mon 23-Jan-12 16:32:43


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LongWayRound Mon 23-Jan-12 16:47:42

I'm in a slightly similar situation - I'm half-German, brought up in the UK, and when my grandparents were alive they were our anchor point in Germany. Now, not only are my grandparents dead but the aunts and uncles that I knew are mostly dead as well. I still have "half-cousins" (= children of father's half-brothers and -sisters) in Germany, but I haven't had much contact with them for quite a long time. I'd like to get back in touch with them, but am worried they will think it strange to hear from me after years of silence.

My dcs grew up in Morocco: visits to Europe meant visits to my family in UK, I never really managed to establish much of a relationship with Germany for them.

So I can't actually answer your question, but am interested in anyone else's take on the subject...

znaika Mon 23-Jan-12 17:33:23

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AccrossTheChannel Mon 23-Jan-12 20:52:40

Yes, I've heard about the third culture before but didn't think it really applied to me. That is until this year. I nearly feel lost which is strange because I don't feel I completely 'belong' there either...

I think my dcs will feel england and where we live is 'their home town' and home country so will prob not feel as lost. But I would really like them to have some connection with my country and wo any family there it is quite hard. As you said, it's all the little things, a certain way to 'Christmas', what you eat, the smell etc... that just isn't there.

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