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Living in America 2012--Because It Is No Longer 2011

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MmeBucket Tue 10-Jan-12 02:50:36

This is what happens when I start threads--they get stupid titles. Someone else needs to start the next one. Hopefully we can get this one filled by 2013.

Link to old thread for reference

Not much happening here. The kids have been off school for 25 days. I am soooo looking forward to them starting school tomorrow. Except it is my day to help, so instead of getting a break from my two, I'll have 22 of them to deal with.

Earlybird Mon 16-Jan-12 13:01:59

Hello, hello and happy new year to all. Glad to see we have a new thread for a new year. Welcome to all new joiners. Bit of background: we live in Tennessee, and I have an almost-11 year old dd.

We had a lovely Christmas break. Didn't go anywhere, and absolutely loved not being a slave to a schedule so we could be spontaneous and do what we liked when we wanted.

DD has been back at school since 3 Jan, though is out today for MLK holiday. I'm actually <shudder> thinking about a trip to the mall today for a bit of shopping. Haven't been there since before Thanksgiving - not even the sales could tempt me to brave the crowds!

No snow here yet, though we have had a few flurries that didn't amount to anything.

whimsicalname Tue 17-Jan-12 13:00:58

Hello everyone
I'm just popping in to say hello and see what's going on. We've just found out we're moving to Washington in the summer with 3 kids. Exciting times!

I'm so glad you're already talking about duvets. I'm fretting about bedding, but at least now I know the vernacular.

mockingjay Tue 17-Jan-12 15:57:16

Hi whimsicalname, will you be moving to DC or Washington State? Exciting!

whimsicalname Tue 17-Jan-12 15:59:47

DC. Sorry, keep forgetting to specify. Apparently there's one in Tyneside as well. Definitely not that one!

kickassangel Tue 17-Jan-12 20:40:39


Here people just say DC.

Btw we just brought our beds and bedding over. Now it is gatting old Nd scruffy it's hard to get a replacement, so I have started making quilts to throw over and cover up the tatty duvets

spamm Wed 18-Jan-12 01:56:08

Hello whimsicalname - we did that move in October 2009 - how time flies! Let me know if I can be of help with anything. We live outside DC in Nova, northern Virginia. I work in Arlington - just across the river from DC itself.

I wish it would just snow - am bored with this on/off winter. Was 26 degrees yesterday, is 57 today and they are predicting about 40ish tomorrow....I never know what to wear when I leave the house!

marriedtoaMAMIL Wed 18-Jan-12 02:33:55

Hello everyone (and especially MrsOlf and wentshopping)
Hope you don't mind me tagging along! We moved to Houston a year ago so still a relative newbie here, plus am newish to MN too so very excited to actually get involved in a proper post!

whimsicalname Wed 18-Jan-12 08:58:11

Thanks kickass I'm worried about sounding a bit 'West Wing' (must update cultural references) just saying DC. I imagine once there it will sound more normal!

Hello spamm Thanks so much for your offer. I think we are moving to Church Falls, which if google maps is correct (or my map reading) is not far from Arlington.

We have a house and things to move to, attached to my husband's work, so a lot less hassle than some people have. No doubt I'll be in touch though!

MrsOlf Wed 18-Jan-12 10:39:58

Hello marriedtoaMAMIL. Whereabouts in Houston are you? I think the area we're moving to is called Westchase. Had DD2 with stomach bug for most of this week so prep for moving on Tuesday is not going well at all sad and DH is away until
Sat pm. Just waiting for DD2 and me to go down with it too...

marriedtoaMAMIL Wed 18-Jan-12 12:52:24

Oh dear MrsOlf - that is bad timing indeed (cue obsessive hand washing and applying of hand sanitiser)
We're in West University Place which isn't too far from Westchase. Do let me know if there's anything I can help you with once you get here, or anything else you need to know about life in Houston!

kickassangel Wed 18-Jan-12 13:40:48

I found this thread a reall support when I first moved. It took me ages to settle in, and some days the only people I 'talked' to were on here, so don't be shy about asking questions - we've all done it. There's also a few rl yanks who hang out on here & they are the experts at what to do!

wentshopping Wed 18-Jan-12 16:08:02

Hello marriedtoaMAMIL I live near Memorial/I10/Beltway, so nearer to Westchase than West U. Do you have dc? Private school or not?
Don't worry MrsOlf just put it all in a box and sort it when you get here. (Kicks unsorted box further under the table)
Girl scout cookie sales are in ful swing here. My non-verbal dd sold over 20 boxes at school (to her teachers) and her therapy clinic yesterday, inexplicably to some people who have girl scout daughters. (One even in the same troop?) Must be her sweet smile that does the trick.

MrsOlf Wed 18-Jan-12 16:22:43

I've got 2 DDs 5 and 3. We're not sure how long we'll be in Houston (and I'll be bringing DDs back to UK for a week or so every 6 weeks for work - madness I know...) so we're planning on staying away from school until Sept (hurrah!)
DHs company will pay for private school for DD1 if we stay past Sept so any guidance gratefully received. We've heard good things about the Village (but admin seems v disorganised...) and another I can't remember name of (need more sleep!)
Any ideas on activities or good places to visit once we get into a routine?
As for obsessive hand washing I have to admit to washing my hands in Dettol to avoid getting sick bug. Obviously hands look 90 years older than the rest of me today but won't care as long as it works...!
The shipping freight goes Monday am so if all else fails will swan round house pointing at anything not packed. grin

wentshopping Wed 18-Jan-12 16:33:51

MrsOlf our packers packed a bin complete with rubbish in it! When SIL moved one time she opened a box to find it contained a balloon and nothing else.
For dds 5 and 3 I would suggest the zoo and the childrens museum, and try going mid-afternoon as the school trips all have to leave in time to be back at school for 3pm. There's nothing more disappointing than going to the zoo and seeing the lines of school buses in the carpark. This time of year it is actually nice to be outside, so make the most of it! Sorry, I don't know anything about private schools, as we went local. Someone else on here moved here last summer and they went to the Village. One of my other friends (now elsewhere) had her dc in the British School, but I think that is quite a drive from Westchase. Wow on your travel plans!

tadjennyp Wed 18-Jan-12 18:58:17

Hello everyone and welcome to the newbies! I'm a Brit living in Central Oregon with dd (almost 6), ds1 4 and ds2 (almost 1, born here). Good luck with all those travel plans too.

It was a lovely quiet Christmas here and dd has been back at school since the 3rd with Monday off. Today is a snow day and all the schools in the district are closed (for about the 7th time in 20 years) as there is a huge storm blowing! I started skiing lessons on Saturday but will have to get a pair of goggles that cover my glasses before this Saturday or I won't be able to see anything. Dd already got promoted to the next level in her ski lessons!

I hope everyone is having a good day!

BabCNesbitt Wed 18-Jan-12 19:36:21

Hello everyone - another newbie here! Moving to NYC with my American husband and with DD (who'll be 4 months) at the end of Feb - no apartment sorted until we're out there, but we've rented a short-term place in Queens for a couple of weeks while we househunt. Only his postdoc salary to live on, and I'm a bit worried about how easy it'll be to live that cheaply there, but I guess it'll be a good way to learn good spending habits, anyway!

marriedtoaMAMIL Thu 19-Jan-12 13:39:50

Hello again. I just have one ds and he's only 18 months old so haven't had to worry about schools etc yet thank goodness. However since October he has been going to a "mom's day out" two mornings a week to give me a bit of a break which has been a complete life saver!
We had the whole family over for Christmas which was a bit crazy (the joys of living the other side of the world eh?!) so enjoying things being a bit quieter now...!

SydneyScarborough Thu 19-Jan-12 19:50:50

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

GirlWithTheMouseyHair Thu 19-Jan-12 21:35:51

Hi all

we move to Santa Monica in exactly 5 weeks, eeeeeek!! Very excited but finding it hard getting ANYTHING done thanks to having 3yo DS and 8week old DD, argh!

Been sent through our details for the apartment DH's company are putting us up in until we find somewhere ourselves - slightly concerned I won't want to leave it (2 pools, spa, 20blocks from the beach).

I can't drive (I know I know), have any of you learnt to drive in US? How quickly did you manage it?

For the record, we're taking our bed and bedding!!

SydneyScarborough Thu 19-Jan-12 23:38:21

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MmeBucket Fri 20-Jan-12 02:17:16

Taaaaadddd!!! Where have you been? I missed you. I was wondering how the weather was there. We were up in Washington Tuesday and yesterday, and boy did we get snowed on.

Hi new people!

tadjennyp Fri 20-Jan-12 06:30:08

grin MmeBucket - thanks! The 2 hour kindergarten thing meant that I was just catching up on a couple of threads on MN and not getting anything else done, so I needed a break. Amazing how quickly you get sucked back in though...

I was out at a posh martini bar tonight and drove home through the rain and broke one of the wheels on a large, invisible pothole. sad That's tomorrow's 2 hours taken care of then! Poor baby. Man the roads get churned up here as soon as the weather is bad. Our neighbours broke the back wheel and axle on their car this week too! Was it snowmageddon up in Washington?

envy of Santa Monica!

MrsOlf Fri 20-Jan-12 06:33:53

Hello everyone!
Dettoling my hands worked nicely but no time for Mumsnet due to huge amounts of washing created by the sick bug! At least when we get to Houston we'll have a tumble drier - washing hanging off banisters and radiators for 3 days was not good...
So all packing and cleaning plans completely derailed and I've got a party to organise for DDs this afternoon. I do like a challenge!
Thanks for the outing tips wentshopping as I would have been the Mum in the car park at opening time at the zoo surrounded by school coaches! How old are your DC?

wentshopping Fri 20-Jan-12 14:50:26

Hi MrsOlf I have 3 dds - 15, 14 and 10. I think I may have jinxed the weather for you - since I said it was lovely the other day it has gone muggy again, but at least cool muggy rather than hot. Tonight I am taking my older dds to a book signing by a teen writer -I think I will be oldest person there!
Girl my oldest dd is about to start learning to drive (eek age 15 in Texas), so I'll think of you!
Sydney I have bought tea on amazon on the food part of their (US) website before, but pg tips has now reappeared in the supermarket here.

MrsOlf Sat 21-Jan-12 06:36:12

15? Wow that is young. I've got to have a defensive driving lesson before I can drive the company car because it's considered a dangerous place to drive by DH's employer!

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