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Living in America 2012--Because It Is No Longer 2011

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MmeBucket Tue 10-Jan-12 02:50:36

This is what happens when I start threads--they get stupid titles. Someone else needs to start the next one. Hopefully we can get this one filled by 2013.

Link to old thread for reference

Not much happening here. The kids have been off school for 25 days. I am soooo looking forward to them starting school tomorrow. Except it is my day to help, so instead of getting a break from my two, I'll have 22 of them to deal with.

SydneyScarborough Tue 10-Jan-12 02:57:00

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

kickassangel Tue 10-Jan-12 03:55:17

I lost track of the old thread as well. Quiet Christmas but in a good way. We had 17 days off school but today was a training day. Kids in tomorrow

No snow yet and hitting 50 degrees some days. This is like march, not jan.

spamm Tue 10-Jan-12 04:08:53

Hello all.

Thank you for starting the new thread, MmeBucket! We needed to get back on track, I cannot believe we were so slow in 2011.

Sydney - welcome! It took me some time to really join, I was on/off for ages. How are you enjoying Philadelphia?

Well, 2012 has stated to get busy already. I am off on my first trip of the year tomorrow - to San Antonio for 5 days. But planning to take my DH with me on business to Colorado Springs next month, so that we can get 2-3 days of skiing together which should be nice. Just need to see some snow before then.

It snowed in Northern Virgina today, but it will not be around for long as they are predicting 50 for tomorrow. I want a little bit of winter before it gets too warm again!

MmeBucket Tue 10-Jan-12 04:10:52

Hello Sydney. We are excited to have all the posters we can get.

Oh, yeah. Good to see you too, kickass and spamm. smile

CheerfulYank Tue 10-Jan-12 04:20:42

Just popping in to say hello. I'm not an expat, I'm an American living in America (specifically Minnesota) but let me know if you ever have any questions or anything.

<waves to everyone>

MmeBucket Tue 10-Jan-12 04:24:13

Yay! More Americans living in America. I get so excited because there just aren't that many of us. I love Minnesota. It is beautiful. DH has a running joke in his family about it, because he has a cousin that keeps threatening to move him and his family there, but doesn't make it more than a few hundred miles away before turning around and coming back home.

This thread is off to a great start.

SydneyScarborough Tue 10-Jan-12 04:27:43

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

CheerfulYank Tue 10-Jan-12 05:04:15

Minnesota is great Mme. I love it here, anyway! smile

mockingjay Tue 10-Jan-12 07:17:31

Hello all, I'm in Seattle. I also lost track of the old thread!

I wish it would snow here - it did last year and it was so peaceful. Until everyone tried to get to work that is!

SydneyScarborough Wed 11-Jan-12 00:58:01

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MmeBucket Wed 11-Jan-12 01:11:00

It isn't as if you lived here your whole life, Sydney. We'll let it slip. ;)

I just read about your DD. Wow. I have SVT, so I always pay extra attention to a VT problem. Do you know how long you will be here in the States, or is it just a play it by ear type of thing?

I'm not really keen on it to snow, mockingjay. We're headed up your way next week, and don't want to deal with that. Can it snow after next Wednesday?

NatashaBee Wed 11-Jan-12 01:15:32

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

VintageNancy Wed 11-Jan-12 01:52:38

Hi everyone, can't believe we've been living in California for a month. The time is going so fast, the baby will be here before I know it (28 weeks pg tomorrow). I've found some lovely midwives so excited about that and have been getting out and exploring on my own a little bit while DH is at work.

We were hoping to head off to the mountains for skiing (well I won't be skiing obviously) but there's been no snow in Tahoe.

SydneyScarborough Wed 11-Jan-12 02:19:14

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MmeBucket Wed 11-Jan-12 02:20:50

Hi, Nancy. Congratulations on your pregnancy. I know from experience that being pregnant is a very stressful time to move (and I only moved across the state) so hopefully you are getting settled.

I have had a lovely evening. DH and the DC's kicked me out of the kitchen, and they cleaned up the dinner dishes, and have moved on to cleaning out the fridge. DH also handed me a brownie he picked up earlier today, so it is just me, the brownie, and a glass of milk right now.

VintageNancy Wed 11-Jan-12 03:07:37

Sydney we're near San Jose, enjoying it so far. Yes baby number 1. All very exciting but lots to deal with at once!

MmeBucket thank you smile Yes it wasn't the best timing but in other ways I couldn't imagine it any other way. We were hoping for the job here to happen, the baby to happen, and both happened at the same time! If I'd got pregnant sooner we might have shelved the relocation plans and never made it over here.

I'm jealous of your brownie! I'm waiting for DH to come home so we can have dinner- doesn't he know pregnant women need to eat?!

MmeBucket Wed 11-Jan-12 04:20:59

Sydney, I'm sorry. You and I posted around the same time, and I missed your last post. I've had SVT for about 20ish years. I have the annoying but not fatal kind. When it kicks in, they once got me on a heart monitor going about 310 bpm. They put me on beta-blockers like Verapamil and something else I can't remember, but the problem is that I have very low blood pressure, and when I was on those, I'd pass out because my blood pressure would drop so low. So for all but a few months, I've been on nothing, because it is easier on my body.

I've actually had my symptoms fairly under control since I quit working. I've only passed out twice (one of those times was at DD's preschool, where I freaked out the poor teacher, who thought I was dying because I turned blue) in the past 5 years. Like I said, I'm very lucky to have just the annoying kind where the worst thing that happens to me is I'm very tired after an episode, and I don't think that randomly passing out is odd at all.

I hope you can figure out what is best for DD. I've heard awesome things about Boston Children's hospital.

mockingjay Wed 11-Jan-12 04:40:06

Well I suppose I can wait until then for snow, MmeBucket <ungracious>

Congrats on the pregnancy VintageNancy!

It is amazing how little I knew of US geography Sydney... I thought I was moving to the eastern side when I first heard - I had no idea Washington was also a state until I saw the length of my flight!

MmeBucket Wed 11-Jan-12 04:53:00

Thank you for that, mockingjay, gracious or not. grin

It has been slightly icy here the past few mornings, and while I've had no problems, there was a pretty bad accident between my house and the kids' school this morning, and I'd like to avoid that if possible.

fridakahlo Wed 11-Jan-12 05:01:47

Hi sydney, I love philly but don't get there nearly often enough and it's only an hour or so by train. Much prefer it to NY.
May I ask what SVT is? I've never come across it before. I hope being over here gets your dd the treatment she needs.
Hello everyone else, happy new year and still no snow! Yet they still won't allow climate change to be an official recoignised problem! Oh well, not sure it would make much difference anyway.

CheerfulYank Wed 11-Jan-12 07:30:32

I have also heard that Boston Children's is phenomenal. I hope everything goes well Sydney. Do you need anything?

Sigh...I really hate no snow. I live in Minnesota for cryin' out loud. Last year we had feet of it. This does happen occasionally, I guess. Still sad though.

wentshopping Wed 11-Jan-12 15:29:12

Hello from Texas! I hope spamm packed a sweater for San Antonio - we have cool weather at last!
Waves to sydney - I have just seen you on sn thread. Only know Texas Childrens Hospital with dd3, but feel free to ask any medical-related questions - I have forgotten the UK system entirely now smile
25 days off from school???? Mine had 2 weeks, and we're in the second week back already!

SydneyScarborough Wed 11-Jan-12 17:29:11

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MmeBucket Wed 11-Jan-12 19:59:06

It pretty much is under control. My cardiologist pointed out as soon as I was diagnosed that I was one of the luckiest patients in his office, because many people there were living with the fact that what they had was life threatening or something that limited their daily life activities, and I had something that was a PITA, but not a major condition. I've always been appreciative of that, because it really set the tone for me to not worry about it, and just feel lucky that in the grand scheme of things, it is a minor annoyance.

So to turn the thread from Pediatric Cardiology in the US, I propose to talk about food. This thread has historically been heavy on weather and food, and we've already covered weather. Last night we had cottage pie, which I love, and so did the rest of the family. Tonight we're having barbecue chicken sliders with a blue cheese coleslaw. Then the rest of the week we're going veggie to make up for all of the unhealthiness.

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