English Playgroup in Vigo

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Pamass Mon 16-Jan-12 19:37:24

Hi! I am so glad I have found this post. It is exactly what I was looking for.
We are a "spandinavian" family with a couple of children. One is 4 and the other, 18 months. We have been living in Scotland for the last 2 years but I and the kids will spend a looooooooong early summer in Vigo. My older is struggling to learn English and its doing progresses since he has started attending nursery for a couple of hours last October. The thing is, we hope he will join the school in late August but, fear that 3 months in Spain (and with the galician grandparents and relatives) will delay his learning process so we are trying to find other native or mixed families with children that we could meet every now and then during our time in Vigo. I don't know if by the time we get there the El Carmen playgroup will be still running (or perhaps will close for the summer) but my chilsren are very sociable and will love to make new friends to meet at some playgroup, playground or the beach (so do I!). I will be happy to hear from you at [email]palomass@yahoo.com and feel free to pass my email to any friend you may have interested in this kind of gatherings. who knows!? i might set my own playgroup at my folks garden LOL

Cies Mon 09-Jan-12 11:30:26

I just wanted to post here so that it will come up in any searches. A few friends have come together to set up an English language playgroup in Vigo, NW Spain. We meet on alternate Fridays and Saturdays in the Iglesia del Carmen. You can PM me for more information.

Hope this helps to spread the word a bit more. :-)

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