expat in Asia - repatriate to UK from US curriculum

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pawre Wed 21-Dec-11 04:18:47


Wondering if there are any expat Mums on here in Asia?

My DD5 is in kindergarten in an American cirruculum international school (we have no choice here I'm afraid). Since it is a private school in Asia I have been told they do do a bit more work than say if we were actually in America. But as you know it's different vs a British cirruculum. I'm guessing she would be behind if she was in Year 1. eg. the class isn't as ahead in their reading compared to the books she can already read.

This leaves me to be concerned when we repatriate in a few years time. Anyone here with experience? Was your child far behind? but ahead in maths maybe (since there's a bigger focus on it in Asia)?

Thanks! would love to hear from you.

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kreechergotstuckupthechimney Fri 23-Dec-11 07:59:44

My DD followed the British curriculum in Bangkok but moved onto the IB EYF thing when we lived in Switzerland and Belgium.
It was noticible that she was light years ahead of her peers in reading and writing and maths when we moved.
Now we are back in England and she is hovering around the top of all subjects despite the different curriculum.
I think they even themselves out.

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