Don't they do stockings in Germany?

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Lizzi29 Wed 16-Nov-11 11:15:48

Where can I buy Christmas stockings in Germany and what do they usually look like?
I only found these on the internet: and a couple of similar looking ones.
Very Bavarian!

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Grumpla Wed 16-Nov-11 11:17:25

Not sure but a lot of continental countries do presents in the children's shoes (and they arrive on Christmas Eve?)

5moreminutes Wed 16-Nov-11 15:09:11

No they don't do stockings. Nikalaus (St. Nik) comes on 6th - kids leave their (or dad's...) boot out for him to fill with sweets and/ or small presents - he also visits Kindergartens and Playgroups etc. (surprisingly often gives peanuts on these occassions). Presents appear under the tree on the evening of the 24th while the family are eating dinner (magically, funny how one of the parents had such a long loo break mid meal...). Left by The Christkind traditionally, or nowadays sometimes by Weinachtsmann (Christmas man, who is sort of Father Christmas) in order to be non religious I assume...

Stockings don't feature except in dual culture families - we do all the above plus stockings (which were gifts from somebody in the UK, if I wanted to buy them now I guess I would order on the internet from the UK).

Tenebrist Wed 16-Nov-11 15:28:57

Ir's true that stockings don't feature as part of the traditional Christmas celebration, but nevertheless it's easy enough to buy a stocking from a shop like Woolworths or a department store like Karstadt. Perhaps people buy them for the Nikolaus sweeties on the 6th December instead of using a real shoe/boot. I bought stockings for the DC a few years back, I'm pretty sure it was from Woolworths (in Berlin) for a few euros each. They're a much more simple version of the one you show in the link - red velvety material with a white ruff. They're possibly a tad smaller than stockings in the UK, though, which I think is a Very Good Thing Indeed.

doradoo Thu 17-Nov-11 07:19:45

Yup - easy to get hold of when the time is right - you're just a bit early! As with all things in Germany you have to wait till the right season!!

LaterAlligator Thu 17-Nov-11 08:56:35

I saw some in Karstadt the other day! (I am far too excitable around Christmas smile )

doradoo Fri 18-Nov-11 18:23:11

Real had all their Christmas tat goodies in yesterday, stockings 'n all!

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