Where's Best to Live in NZ and what do we need to know: PART TWO!!!

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AngryBeaver Sun 30-Oct-11 11:19:45

Wow,have just gone to post and it wouldn't except it! So have had to start a new thread. Hope everyone finds it ok.I feel a bit like we've all been out for the night and somehow got seperated and no one has their mobile!!grin
Anyway,this was the question I've had to cut and paste from the old thread:...

Sorry,have had a quick look but can't see...has anyone used emirates?
I think the sky couch thing looks good,but we'd have to buy a couple and that would be pricey.
Dh reckons Emirates are fine,but I don't think he's anticipating how different it's going to be travelling that disatnce with 3 exhausted infants.
He has limited travel experience as it is and the longest he has been on a plane with them is 3 hours. He keeps saying it will be fine,they'll sleep for loads of it...somehow I'm thinking this will not happen!!

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WhatSheSaid Sun 30-Oct-11 17:07:00

Hi AB I was wondering if you would start a new thread grin

I haven't flown Emirates but I think on the other thread a few people said they were good. My in laws have flown with them and I've never heard anything bad about them.

Your dh is optimistic thinking they will sleep a lot of the way. If you have the individual screens in the seats you can stick on kids programmes and your 5 yr old and hopefully your 3 yr old will be entertained by that for a lot of the time (some of the entertainment systems have games on and stuff too). I think your 16 month old could be trickier (I have a 15 month old myself)

WhatSheSaid Sun 30-Oct-11 17:09:48

Though obviously they will sleep for some of the time, being on a plane for 24 hours or whatever, they're bound to sleep at some point.

Highlander Sun 30-Oct-11 17:53:03

I feel your pain, AB.....


lollystix Sun 30-Oct-11 18:38:59

Hi we flew there with emirates with a 17 month old. It was a nightmare but nothing to do with emirates - more his age. They did roast his milk which took a whole hour to cool. Generally thought they were good and they do a stopover in Dubai where you get 7 hours on a hotel room which is great - they bus u there and back. They are definitely the cheapest we ever found and dh flew with them again for the tattoo. I think generally it will be a nightmare - there's no getting away from it but it's got to be done if u know what I mean

justaboutstillhere Sun 30-Oct-11 18:39:20

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

thelittlestkiwi Mon 31-Oct-11 00:44:19

My parents flew Emirates and liked it. We've flown Singapore and Malaysian, both of which are very good. I'd advise avoiding a stopover in the US. But other than that, and picking one of the better airlines, I wouldn't stress too much about the flight. There are a couple of threads on ENZ which have hints about travelling with kids. But other than prepare, there isn't much you can do. Just remember it's only 24 hours, it will be over and you will survive. And you don't have to do it again for a long time.

If your OH thinks it will be fine, you could suggest dividing the kids up for the journey. You take the easiest and leave him the other two ;-)


shelscrape Mon 31-Oct-11 04:48:26

Crikey AB, just logged on to MN for the first time in ages ... your going then??!!! Where to? Looks like it will be soon. The flight will be horrid and boring and tedious, but is only 24 hours as littlestkiwi said. I second not going via the US as you will ahve to go through US customs and pay their rip off fees. otherwise hope all is going well for you x

Firebird20 Mon 31-Oct-11 05:14:56

My best advice as someone that emigrated to NZ nearly 25 years!! ago is to book yourself on a later flight than dh and the kids, lol.
Seriously, make sure you have a complete change of clothes for yourself in hand luggage, yes I do speak from experience.

Little wrapped up "suprises" to bring out when they get bored can be a good distraction.
Good Luck!

justaboutstillhere Mon 31-Oct-11 09:17:38

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

AngryBeaver Mon 31-Oct-11 11:45:32

Just seen my error in my first post..not except accept,obviously. Hate it when that happens!In my defence,I had had one or four two v&t's wink

I like your style Firebird!grin If only that were an option!

Shelscrape, Hi!Hows things with you? Yes,we are off! Dh has been offered a job in Hamilton,so we think we will rent in Cambridge. And,yes if we canwe will avoid LA,not heard good things.

We think we will get the skycouch,I think only Air NZ do them?

No flight date yet,we think about 3 weeks.

Mum told me that they won't be coming for Christmas. That really upset me. I definitely thought they would. Dh has to work on Sundays,so he won't be with us.

Christmas is my favourite time of year...usually. But have to remember this is what we've been hoping for so will have to make the most of this year and hopefully be better the next year smile

Just had some people round to look at our house. Was really weird. We have never rented anywhere or had rentees...was looking at them thinking,how do I tell if they will be the people from hell,trash our house and feck off without paying the rent???
They seemed decent enough,mind. But these things do run through your
judgemental head grin

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WhatSheSaid Mon 31-Oct-11 16:49:21

Christmas would have been very early for her to visit though wouldn't it, as you would have just got there - I know you're going to miss her at Christmas though. Tbh, I never actually expect anyone to visit as it is me who has chosen to move to the other side of the world (just as well I don't expect it as no one has from my side of the family in the 10 years I've been here grin).

Your first Christmas here will probably feel weird - it just will - it will be hot in the day and light in the evenings. I'm totally used to it now though and like summer Christmases. It's more laid back than in the UK - not such a mad rush in the shops - less hype, a lot more relaxed.

justaboutstillhere Mon 31-Oct-11 17:14:18

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

thelittlestkiwi Mon 31-Oct-11 19:40:59

I was really stressed about my tenants too- I love my house in the UK. But as soon as I got on the plane I pretty much forgot about it all. Just make sure you have tenants insurance in case something does go wrong and keep on top of the agent.

One thing to know is that different agents do different levels of reference checking which cost different amounts. One level just checks if they have any CCJ's. I'd go for a more in depth reference and would request one from their current landlord.

Christmas will be different and it would be too early for your mum to visit tbh. You may not have anywhere to live and your shipping might not have arrived. It would be too stressful having to entertain at that stage. Better for her to come later when you have explored a bit and can show her the good things about NZ.

AngryBeaver Mon 31-Oct-11 22:15:34

I suppose you're all right about it being too early. It's just that it's always been just mum,my brother and I. Until db and fiance had a baby last year,now he goes to his mil. So mum and step dad will be alone and we will be alone,all missing each other sad
My stepdad is apparantly very hurt and is being pretty off with me. He told mum he can't believe I'm doing this to her. It doesn't help. I feel disloyal enough as it is.

shelscrape mentioned about "rip off fees" at LA airport. What did you mean? I ask because I think if we want to have skycouch,its Air NZ and they only go through LA.

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WhatSheSaid Mon 31-Oct-11 22:22:51

Get Skype as soon as you can after you get here and get set up. You can spend all day on it to your mum if you want - you can watch each other open presents etc. I know it's not the same but it's a good second best.

WhatSheSaid Mon 31-Oct-11 22:23:18

I meant all Christmas Day of course

lollystix Mon 31-Oct-11 22:46:52

AB- don't let your stepdad put a downer on it. Let's face it - you were never going to get folk hanging out the bunting when you announce that you're moving to the other side of the world. However you can't live your life for other folk especially with a young family- you need to be selfish and do what's best for you and yours. You'll never please everyone all the time so you may as well just try to please yourself.

If there's one thing I've learnt over this last mad year with unexpected ds4, my return to work, my getting sick and the potential move to NZ is that everyone's got a bloody opinion on how dh and I should be living our lives but it's really none of their business.

buzzybee Tue 01-Nov-11 06:54:03

AB - I think there is an option with Air NZ to fly via Hong Kong?
LA is a horrible airport but then its only a minor part of the overall flight and just another thing to get over and done with.
Congrats by the way!

AngryBeaver Tue 01-Nov-11 07:08:00

I think nz do go via Hong Kong,but not with skycouch option,unfortunately.
Is skype reliable? Dh's parents live in another country and everytime we've tried skype it's cut out after a while,or frozen

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WhatSheSaid Tue 01-Nov-11 07:13:03

I find Skype pretty much ok now. We use it every 2-3 weeks. Sometimes the picture goes a bit funny or the call drops out but we just call back and it's ok again.

justaboutstillhere Tue 01-Nov-11 07:35:21

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

booklovingkiwi Tue 01-Nov-11 15:50:09

Hi AngryBeaver. I am a kiwi living in the UK for the past 14 years and visit family as frequently as I can. I have usually flown either Emirates or Singapore, as I prefer to fly via Asia. My kids are now older (teenagers), and its hard to remember how hard it was when they were little, but I always value space and comfort for the adults and entertainment for the kids when flying. Emirates has excellent AVOD, but Terminal 3 at Dubai is fairly awful. They also squeeze extra seats in economy, so I believe. The aisles are very narrow. So they score on the entertainment, but space/comfort is a problem (though all airlines feel a bit of a squeeze). Singapore has an excellent hub in Changi Airport. It is much preferable to Dubai. Singapore also goes direct to Auckland/Christchurch from Singapore, whereas Emirates touches down in Australia. However, Singapore Airlines have been more expensive of late, so I have been flying Emirates. If you are not used to long-haul and worry about nearly 14 hours for just one of the "legs", why not fly Emirates and "touch down" in Asia also. Some Emirates flights can go via HK, KL etc. So you could break your journey into 4 "legs" - i.e. UK-Dubai 7 hours; Dubai-Asia 7 hours; Asia-Australia 7 hours; Australia-NZ 3 hours. Know it sounds like a pain, but if you think your children might like disembarking, just to be able to walk around, it might be worth asking emirates to route you this way?

justaboutstillhere Tue 01-Nov-11 20:53:21

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

lollystix Tue 01-Nov-11 21:34:15

Take lots of piriton and also medised. When ds1 was wee a couple of years ago it was ok for over 12 months. They've decided now that kids need to be over 6 for it but I would lie to the pharmacist - it's magic stuff - really knocks them outwink

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