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Oh la la! Boden comes to France?!

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Fenouille Sat 22-Oct-11 15:33:56

Just got a Boden catalogue through the door. That's odd I think, why would they send me one all the way from England when my address is obviously in France? And why is it all in French?

"Boden arrive! Découvrez le secret le mieux gardé de Grande-Bretagne"

Bloody expensive though - Isabella top for EUR85 (£75) any one? Thought the English version was expensive enough. Does this mean I now have to pick sides in the never ending MN debate?

To Bo or not to Boden?

LinzerTorte Sat 22-Oct-11 21:20:21

We've had Boden in Austria for a while now, and it's equally expensive (i.e. even more so than in the UK). Saw a dress I liked in the sale - but €119 (about 104 pounds). shock Exactly the same dress on the UK site "only" costs 79 pounds.

And DH laughs at me whenever I talk about Boden as I pronounce it in the English way (obviously), as to him it's a German word meaning ground or soil. hmm

Shanghaidiva Sun 23-Oct-11 02:53:13

I remember when they intoduced the Boden German website, but it was cheaper to order from the UK site and have it shipped to Austria!

LinzerTorte Sun 23-Oct-11 06:52:27

Yes, that's what I normally do - or I sometimes have orders sent to my parents' address and they post them on to me. If I only order one thing, it usually only costs a couple of pounds to send it on rather than the £6 postage that Boden charges.

Fenouille Sun 23-Oct-11 18:02:36

Ha ha, didn't make the Boden/ground connection. Bet that's puzzled a fair few German speakers. And now I've realised l pronounce it in the German way - how do the proper English pronounce it then?

Well, I've never felt overly tempted to buy from them before and after looking at the catalogue with the stupid, " Jessica, what can women not do without? Babies and animals," type responses I'm even less tempted now <where's the vom emoticon?>

LinzerTorte Sun 23-Oct-11 19:28:00

There's just a difference in how you pronounce the o, really - the (southern) English pronunciation is boeden, whereas German is more like borden. To DH, it just sounds like I'm putting on an exaggerated English accent to pronounce a German word.

Must admit I do buy from them occasionally - albeit not dresses costing nearly €120 and hopefully not anything that's too obviously Boden (but must have failed with at least one dress, as an Austrian friend shock asked me whether it was Boden).

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