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removal and shipment companies

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GirlWithTheMouseyHair Wed 12-Oct-11 14:59:27

any advice where to begin? we have a small two bed flat to pack up to move to US at the beginning of next year, DH's new company are covering the costs but only up to I think $15000, this is all costs incurred, so we need to keep it down.

Furniture wise we're only taking a double bed, a single bed, a cotbed, a sofa and a coffee table. All our stuff we're either taking with us or getting rid of, not storing anything...BUT we are having a baby at the end of November, already have a toddler and need as much help as poss.

Also, any advice on when to get stuff shipped in comparison to when we leave? We'll be put up for up to 3months when we arrive in a furnished serviced apartment so no rush to receive our own stuff, but need to get the flat ready for tenants before we go.....argh

howcomes Fri 14-Oct-11 19:35:17

I can recommend a company called GB liners, I've used them for two overseas moves to and from Canada and a move within the uk. I kept my costs down by doing my own packing and only using a partial shipping container (ie sharing with others). Gb liners were really helpful answering all my questions and they were great at keeping me informed about when the shipment was leaving the uk and arriving at port etc. They also offer to store your shipment if needed, I shipped 60 cubic feet worth for about £600 from uk to Toronto and storage charges were £8 per week.
Hope this helps

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