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What can i send to australia?

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alphamummy Thu 06-Oct-11 20:09:57

Hi my good friend has recently emigrated.
I have some papers to send her that she left and i was wndering what i could put in a package as a nice suprise. So i need some ideas of things she wouldnt be able to get. What can i send re food stuffs?


DrSeuss Fri 07-Oct-11 10:46:58

Absolutely no fruit or veg. If I remember correctly, not much really but surely dried goods should be ok.

Bubbaluv Sat 08-Oct-11 06:25:02

Any food can be problematic.
What sort of thing did you have in mind? There's not much in the way of food she won't be able to get there.
Maybe the latest mags so she can keep up with UK goss?

esselle Sat 08-Oct-11 06:57:44

My Dh thinks Aussie chocolate is rubbish and has his DM send care parcels of Cadbury Dairy Milk.

You can't go wrong with chocolate and magazines. (If you were to send me a parcel anyway grin)

Bubbaluv Sat 08-Oct-11 07:13:36

Yep - lots of expats miss Dairy Milk - if she liked it then that's a good one.

ninedragons Sat 08-Oct-11 07:23:04

I know it gets sneered at on here, but Emma Bridgewater stuff is cheerfully British and overseas postage if you buy directly from the site is eye-watering. A lovely mug and a couple of magazines from home would be a wonderful surprise, IMHO.

sevenoften Sat 08-Oct-11 07:40:38

British and Australian chocolate is very different in composition so some Cadbury's would probably be good. Sending processed foods (chocolates, biscuits etc) will be fine. But nothing vaguely unprocessed.

Eralc Sat 08-Oct-11 09:03:21

We've had crisps, chocolate, stock cubes, stuffing mix, more chocolate and christmas pudding get here ok. It might be worth looking on one of the British shop websites (Treats from Home is the name of our local one) - I figure anything that they can import must be ok to send.

savoycabbage Sun 09-Oct-11 11:59:45

Chocolate and an Olympic 2012 tea towel.

alphamummy Sun 09-Oct-11 20:45:27

Thanks guys. Chocolate is going to be a must i think!


Naetha Sun 09-Oct-11 23:14:55

If for example I had emigrated to Australia, I would absolutely love a bar of dairy milk, because the dairy milk over here in Australia tastes like cheap nasty chocolate.

I bet something else that would be really really really appreciated, would be one of those Aldi under-eye concealers / touche eclat copies because maybe your friend's daughter got into her make up bag and chewed hers, and despite bulk buying aldi deodorant and body lotion (which they sell in Australia) she didn't think to buy any more of the undereye concealer (which they don't).

Just what I'd do in that situation wink

QuintessentialDead Sun 09-Oct-11 23:19:05

"If for example I had emigrated to Australia, I would absolutely love a bar of dairy milk, because the dairy milk over here in Australia tastes like cheap nasty chocolate."

Lol Lol - just how I would describe Cadburys ... Cheap and nasty.

Get her a box of Thorntons, or M&S chocs..... They dont taste nasty at all!

oreocrumbs Sun 09-Oct-11 23:23:15

Harribos. Lots of harribos. Magazines and shampoo. Thats what I used to ask my Mum to send me when I was there. I can't remember what the problem was with the shampoo out there, but I was always desperate for british shampoo! Also if your friend is into music you could send her a CD of new releases over here as they are (or were 5 yrs ago) about 6 months behind whats released over here.

Livinginoz Mon 10-Oct-11 03:03:40

Definitely some cadburyssmile
I just got back and brought a pack of Penguins for someone and a load of m&s vest tops because good quality ones here are ridiculously expensive and the crap ones are, well, crap!

Bubbaluv Mon 10-Oct-11 03:10:06

QuintisessialDead - there's no point sending "nice" chocolate - there's plenty of that here.

ClaudiaSchiffer Mon 10-Oct-11 03:42:36

For an example of particularly AMAZING cholocate, you cannot go wrong with this lot

Fearsomely expensive but droolingly delish.

But from England, when I first moved here I really really missed British mags and The Observer. Aussie newsprint/magazines are mostly beyond shite. Even the Aussie version of Grazia is pretty lame (and expensive).

You sound v kind. Would you like to send the rest of us expats something too <hopeful>

Eralc Mon 10-Oct-11 03:54:04

Oooo - I keep meaning to go into that shop Claudia - I've walked past it a couple of times and resisted the temptation. Maybe for Christmas! We've just had some chocolates from here which were really nice.

ClaudiaSchiffer Mon 10-Oct-11 04:07:17

Eralc go on go on go on go on go on go on go on, Haigs is LUSH. You will thank me when you have an addiction to Haigs and are the size of a bus grin

I think there are many more UK products here, that I used to miss hugely, but have now made it over in the past few years. For example, Tea Tree and Mint body wash, and thankyoubabyJesus Soreen Fruit Loaf, which is FOOD OF THE GODS. I think I might love Soreen Fruit Loaf more than I love my husband in fact, no contest.

Good point LivinginOz about the vest tops. Mine all go baggy after a few washes and I have to wear them to bed as my boobs fall out. Go for M & S every time.

savoycabbage Mon 10-Oct-11 04:43:46

I have been buying this Cadbury's mousse after finding it is made in the UK. The hazelnut one is the best.

alphamummy Mon 10-Oct-11 21:44:22

ah naetha make up is a good idea. (although surely all that sunshine and healthy living should be giving a blemish free comlplexion?) :P

Wondering now about kids, i'm thinking sweets are a good token, like haribo suggested further up thread?

Thzumbiewitch Tue 11-Oct-11 07:44:51

Oh if you were my friend I'd love you forever!

things I find hard to live without:
Bisto gravy powder
G&B drinking chocolate (don't send that, it's very heavy!)
solid-stick Sure anti-perspirant/deodorant - they don't do it over here (I even emailed Rexel, I'm that sad) and the one that is available just doesn't work well enough.
Antihistamine cream! Didn't know that until recently, it's not been sold here for ~10 years - if only I'd known before my last trip home I could have stocked up on Anthisan!
Decent knickers (M&S trip every time I go back - haven't needed to mail order yet but they do it for £10 delivery to Australia now)

Foodstuffs aren't too hard to get into the UK so long as they don't contain any meat, fresh fruit/veg, viable nuts/seeds (nuts in chocolate don't count, for e.g., they're fine) or anything that could contain foreign insect life/wildlife/disease. I've had no trouble bringing in baked goods, chocolate with nuts in, even smoked mackerel (also extremely hard to find here).

A link to MN Living Overseas would be useful - we're very happy to share tips and info - and tell her why to buy books (Book Depository, free delivery worldwide, there's no Australian Amazon!shock)

Naetha Tue 11-Oct-11 11:49:30

Imo, you can never go wrong with Haribo grin Maybe a picture of the kids would be nice too? smile

savoycabbage Tue 11-Oct-11 22:40:06

Thumbwitch, I have got green and black drinking chocolate. I get it at Thomas Dux and I have seen it in those health food shops that sell all the vitamins.

Thzumbiewitch Tue 11-Oct-11 22:51:00

Have you savoy? They don't have it in our local one (Go Vita) but it might be in the bigger ones, I'll have a look, thank you!
I've just looked up Thomas Dux as I'd never heard of it - might have to find one when I come into Sydney next then just to get some [saddo emoticon]grin

Bubbaluv Wed 12-Oct-11 00:05:44

Thumbwitch - Amazon UK has free delivery to Aus at the mo (they seem to do it sporadically) so if you need books get on there now!!

Also, have you tried Bonds knickers? They aren't as cheap, but they are my answer to M&S.

I really miss Green & Black Chocolate and Orange icecream, but fairly sure that won't travel well :-)

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