Temperatures in Malta at this time of year?

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cairnterrier Thu 06-Oct-11 19:03:59

Okay, apologies in advance, I'm only visiting Malta but am trying to work out what the evening temperatures are like at the moment. Daytime seems to be about 25 - 26 but am just wondering if we need to bring warm clothes for going out in the evening?


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Poodlehorse Sat 08-Oct-11 11:03:17

I was over there this time last year and dIdn't need warm clothes at all although the rains have now started so when it rains it RAINS and it can get a wee bit breezy in places like Mdina, my lunch nearly ended up over the wall. A thin cardy might be an idea, and a light jacket for showers as anything heavier and nothing will keep you dry but it doesn't usually last that long. It is apparently peeing down today as my pal left her washing out overnight and is cursing. We ate outside a few times in the evening and weren't cold but that could be said when we were over at Xmas too. Of course the Maltese were in duffle coats.

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