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Does anybody in the US(or elsewhere) have a dh working in IT?

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MrsHeffley Thu 29-Sep-11 14:08:47

Dh would like a stint abroad is well qualified and got desirable skills.Don't ask me the exact job description as I should know but don't.Basically he writes code,designs etc in languages(IT) that are quite well sort after.

Anyhow been following the LOverseas for a while and I'm presuming most dh's or yourselves are in banking with all the banking perks etc.

Would just like to know if anybody has done the working abroad thing in IT and what we need to consider/be aware of. His skills are often used within the banking sector but working in IT for a bank is a whole different ball game(I suspect) than working in banking iykwim.

How is the current situation effecting things?

We're mostly(very) interested in the US(he has worked for an American bank before) but open to other places to some extent. Not particularly interested in big bucks(although we don't want the experience to make us paupers) or anything permanent just an experience of living abroad before we and the dc are too old to do it.

TIA for any info or advice.

wentshopping Thu 29-Sep-11 15:53:28

We moved overseas (US) with the Oil industry, which tends to have its own economic ups and downs, and doesn't always follow what other business sectors might be affected by. For moving to the US, though, your DH will need a work visa, and typically the company employing him will need to prove through his qualifications and experience that he was the best candidate for the job, rather than a local, in order to get the visa issued. There are many types of visas, and some are more readily available than others - they seem to have limits on the number that are issued each year. Does he work for a company who could transfer him overseas for a period of time? In practical terms you would need to think about where you would be happy living, and what would be the things you would compromise on - can you cope without seeing your family and friends for months/years at a time - if so, then look at far-away destinations; could you cope with language/cultural differences (even in English-speaking places they "do" things differently); do dcs need special medical care (I mention this as my dd does, and she has better care here than in the UK); don't forget to think about things like the weather - can you cope with being stuck inside for 6 months a year due to snow, excess heat etc. (yes, really, we're waiting for the temperature to go down so the kids can get their bikes out - been in the garage since March). Sorry don't have any IT knowledge. Best of luck!

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