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Having a baby in France

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Auntymallard Sat 24-Sep-11 14:40:05

Hi- I have recently moved to France with my husband and two little ones.
We are planning on trying for number three in a few months. However I want to be sorted healthcare wise before we start. BUT I cant find any helpful info anywhere.
Both my husband and I still pay Tax and NI in the UK ( self-employed) but we haven't been assured we will received our healthcare over here via the S1/E112.

Does anyone know if, as a EU citizen I would automatically qualify for the French Social Security to pay for the pregnancy or do I need to get full insurance?

I have become so confused by what I have researched online

Any info is greatly appreciated

Alicious Mon 26-Sep-11 02:43:23

Hi-I also live in France with my French DP and our 2 DC.
I am fairly sure you can apply for a Carte Vitale but it can take ages and involves a 'french' amount of paperwork! I say I'm only fairly sure because I am not sure about what happens if you are self employed and paying tax and NI in the UK. Have you been on you speak French all the info should be there. If I get a chance I will have a look later (at work atm)
Most French people also pay for a private 'mutuelle santé' as the carte vitale only covers about 70% of medical costs in most areas-from the 6th month of pregnancy 100% of the government approved rate is reimbursed-but if you see a private Gynaecologist/Obstetrician their actual rates can be much much higher!
Good luck TTC-I'll try to do some research for you!

Alicious Mon 26-Sep-11 04:32:46

OK-while waiting for my croissants to cook I have had a quick wade through various websites!
You need an E106/S1 which gives you up to 24 months of cover (or until you register your company in France-whichever is sooner). After that unfortunately you will need full insurance if you remain self-employed with NI and Tax payments going to the UK.
There is an English speaking number for the Caisse Primaire d'Assurance Maladie open Mon-Fri 09h00-18h00 +33 811 363 646 which might be helpful.

From what I have read you HAVE to have some sort of cover as soon as you move to France-I didn't know this-when I arrived I had the old E111!
Hope this all helps-bon courage!

fraktious Mon 26-Sep-11 05:15:10

Do not do not do not get pregnant without this sorted. I had social security but in the wrong place and a mutuelle which didn't work without the social security so we had to shell out and get reimbursed - it is a lot of money...

So good luck sorthing this and TTC when you can!

usuallydormant Mon 26-Sep-11 05:47:51

You only get two years cover in France from working in the Uk. Generally speaking, if you are doing the work in France, you should be paying tax and social charges there. Even if all your clients are British. You do get quite a lot of tax back for three childrenwink

I have private insurance (don't physically work in France but live there) and it cost me around 3000 euro to deliver and about another 1500 for tests etc.

My Dh and kids are covered by the carte vital as he works from home for a uk company and so pays into the French system. Expensive but you get excellent care. Check your entitlements and tax situation carefully- should you really be still in the brittish system?

frenchfancy Mon 26-Sep-11 20:18:46

Even if you pay tax and NI in the UK, if you are a french resident (ie more than 50% of teh year) then you will need to fill in a tax return in France and pay any difference. You really need to set yourselves up with a business in France so you can register for the health benefits. The E106 will cover you for a time, but once you are paying into the french system then your E106 ceases to be important.

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