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Uni from overseas......

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CherryLip Mon 19-Sep-11 22:06:00

.....just seems a little more difficult from afar..but same emotions . Arriving in UK this weekend with DD and two suitcases! New to the forum so no idea if in the right place...sorry x

complexnumber Tue 20-Sep-11 04:32:50

Where are you arriving from/to?

Are there any ex-pupils from your DD's school already at the Uni?

I am likely to be in a similar situation in a few years time. I'm really not looking forward to it.

IdontknowwhyIcare Tue 20-Sep-11 06:20:46

Good luck to you and your DD, no advice for you except maybe post in education as lots of posters there with Dc going to uni.
Can I ask a question though did you get home status as I feel this is going to be a big problem for us and may well preclude DS from going to uni. Tuition fees this year for overseas students 26 GBP pa at the uni he wants to go to.

Longtime Tue 20-Sep-11 11:09:08

Doesn't the uni have an international students welcome programme? They usually run for a few days before the Freshers' week so that international students can get settled in first. My ds's did this. Mind you, this only helps your dd and not you. Whereabouts are you and where is dd going to ?

CherryLip Tue 20-Sep-11 16:59:35

I'm probably an over anxious mum! We are not too far away really...Spain...!!
So not a true International Student of which there will be many.
Idon'tknowwhyIcare DD is classed as an EU student so fees are at the normal level and she was able to apply for a student loan. There is a thread running in Further Education which you might find helpful.

IdontknowwhyIcare Tue 27-Sep-11 09:44:05

Hi cherrylip, thanks for the advice I will check that out. I hope all went well for both you and DD. The other thread about child starting uni brought tears to my eyes and I still have 3 years to go.

Quintessentialist Tue 27-Sep-11 09:47:36

CherryLip, you and your dd will be fine. She is lucky to have you with her!

I arrived to London on my own with a suitcase to start uni, coming from across the arctic circle in the far north of Norway, from a little town of just 50.000 people (most of whom were fishermen and farmers, wink )

I did not get student accommodation, I had to find my own. I lived on a materess on the floor of a south london hostel for a few weeks while I settled into uni life.

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