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Can any MNers in Germany/Frankfurt help please?

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ComradeJing Thu 15-Sep-11 14:49:20

DH will spend Sunday and Wednesday afternoon in Frankfurt. DD needs a new car seat. Any ideas where he can go and get one please?

Hooey Thu 15-Sep-11 23:08:42

Babywalz Try this store. I haven't been to the Frankfurt one but I use the one in Kaiserslautern regularly.

MmeLindor. Fri 16-Sep-11 20:20:42

Oh, but he won't be able to go shopping on Sunday. All shops shut on Sunday in Germany.

There is a Prénatal in Frankfurt, in the city centre.

or Babyone on the outskirts.

ComradeJing Sat 17-Sep-11 05:15:53

Thank you all for great suggestions. No worries about Sunday, he can go Wednesday afternoon instead.

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