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Travelling to UK during the olympics

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PlasticFlamingo Mon 12-Sep-11 01:06:22

My parents like us to visit them in the summer holidays, we were talking about next summer recently and someone pointed out the olympics would be on. Is anyone else planning to go back to the UK next summer or are you going to avoid it? Do you think the flight prices will go up much?

madwomanintheattic Mon 12-Sep-11 01:34:01

ha ha ha. grin we've already completely ruled out going back next summer. flights are bound to be extortionate and the additional security will be a nightmare.

and tbh (whispers) i don't think i want to travel by air during such a high profile international event. i'd book the queen mary if i had to back. grin <paranoid emoticon>

allset Mon 12-Sep-11 01:37:47

We are also having this dilemma. No use to you I know, but interested in what others thoughts are. If we were still living in the uk I would have been really excited about the Olympics, it seems ashame to miss them but am worried about the cost and that they will turn the trip home into a nightmare as traveling around will be more difficult too

kickassangel Mon 12-Sep-11 02:22:20

Flight prices are already available, and they have gone up.

Usually, if I flew in June, they'd be around $1,000, to $1,200, but next summer, for the same period, they're at least $1,600 to $1,800.

I'm seriously considering going next Spring & paying for business class as it isn't that much more!

PlasticFlamingo Mon 12-Sep-11 04:55:03

I never thought about the extra security/threat level!

Business classshock <dreams>

Summer is the only school holiday of decent length. Right off to check flights. Will report back.

kickassangel Mon 12-Sep-11 11:52:13

Business class in spring is 'only' a few hundred dollars more than coach class in summer.

I would just so love to sleep on the overnight flight to the uk

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