Yikes, DH isn't totally against my idea of flitting to NZ!

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DecapitatedLegoman Sun 11-Sep-11 08:04:58

I was perusing one of the threads in this section last night and dreaming. Over the years I've developed a bit of a yearning to try out life in NZ, sparked by a former tutor suggesting I could go over there to work.

I mentioned in to DH this morning, in a lighthearted sort of way, thinking he'd say "no way". His mum is very very unwell and he's very much a live-for-the-moment kind of guy and lets me do all the planning. Which is one of the things which made me assume he wouldn't go for it.

He's very open to the idea. It's unspoken, but as his mum won't be with us for a lot longer sad we wouldn't do anything immediately, so our eldest DC would definitely be in primary school before we would move. I have a professional job, currently PT while the DC are young, and I think getting a visa would hinge on my job so I guess we'd wait until I was happy to return to FT work.

I'm seriously excited. Have no idea where to start or how much planning needs to be done in advance, how long things take to get arranged or actually anything about NZ. But all the Kiwis I know are great grin and as a Scot I identify a lot with the country. I'm hoping/anticipating it to be just like this place but less cold and dark grin.

Has anyone taken the plunge and regretted it? Am I being idealistic?

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Highlander Sun 11-Sep-11 08:12:49

Do a LOT of research........ Don't get carried away with a search for utopia!

We've just had our ITA for a PR visa, hopefully going in December to Auckland.

i had loads of help from NZ MNers, and the ENZ and BritishExpats forums.

DecapitatedLegoman Sun 11-Sep-11 08:15:51

Utopia with 2 small children? Ha! grin

I imagine it's the same shit with better weather?! So exciting though. Although part of it may be the prospect of planning something long term with DH who never wants to make plans ... it might be good for us to have a shared goal other than try and avoid divorce for the next 50 years hmm grin

<tries to temper enthusiasm>


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MoreBeta Sun 11-Sep-11 08:18:11

Decapitated - we almost emigrated to NZ in July. In the end we couldn't because the NZ Dollar is so strong against the Pound Sterling that it would have been financially suicidal. Going now you would find it incredibly expensive. The job situation in NZ is not great either - it is a very small economy. My FIL also was diagnosed with cancer in May so DW was obvioulsy very worried. NZ has many attractions, especially if you have children but don't dismiss you husband's concerns. You both need to be fully commited to make it work.

Our NZ immigration application is still current and we could still go, but both DS1 and DS2 just started really good new schools here in the UK last week and is yet another reason not to go now.

DecapitatedLegoman Sun 11-Sep-11 08:23:13

Thanks Beta. I'm fortunate to be in a bit of a niche profession and there is a good demand for us out there. I would be able to arrange work in advance of a move so we wouldn't be relying on savings once out there. But we're absolutely not in a financial situation to go anywhere for at least a year or two.

Good to have a view from this side of it though, thank you.

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Iteotwawki Sun 11-Sep-11 08:33:05

We emigrated here 2 years ago and haven't regretted it for a moment. I came over with a job to go to which helps.

The only thing I miss is my family - they visit here, we're planning a trip back next year and we Skype regularly but you can't hug down the phone line.

Financially and practically we are far better off following the move and I think with 2 small boys we picked a good place to bring them up.

shelscrape Sun 11-Sep-11 08:46:39

we've been in NZ for about 7 months. Both of us really like it and DS - aged 6 has settled well into school. it took us over a year to finally get the PR stickers in our passports, so was not a quick thing at all. I agree with the strong NZ dollar at the moment it's not the best time to emigrate here. But, DH was rather amazingly offered a fantastic redundancy deal in the UK, just at the right time so we used it to fund our move. We have taken the decision to rent out our house in the UK as the property market in the UK is still utter poo and also because of the rubbish exchange rate. Working our here well so far .....


DecapitatedLegoman Sun 11-Sep-11 09:03:43

Yeah I think we'd rent this house out in the first instance. I wouldn't envisage going until maybe 2013 or 14 at the earliest. I would hope to go at a stage where if it wasn't for us we could return here before the DC embarked on secondary school.

I think cost of living sounds comparable from what I've read. Quality of living possibly a bit better depending no what you like to do - for us it's mostly outdoor stuff, mountain biking, walking, generally being outside rather than eating out and partying!

Maybe we'll start a little fund and reassess after Christmas.

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WhatSheSaid Mon 12-Sep-11 06:03:57

If you haven't already, you might want to check out this thread


which has been running since January (you'll need a while to read it, it's long grin). There is a lot of info on there from NZers and NZ-based Mners about life here.

Bottleofmilk Mon 12-Sep-11 09:23:22

we are just about to submit the papers for our RP (resident permit) we got our ITA (invitation to apply) 4 months ago and its taken the full 4 months to get the paperwork together! and before that, it took nearly a year to get organised enough to do the EOI (expression of interest).

basically all told, it will be nearly 2 years its taken us to go through the whole process. but, apparently work visas are much quicker.

we arent planning on taking up our residency straight away, but when we do, its going to be great :-) good luck with your planning

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