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Brussels transport - quick questions

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BestImitationOfMyself Fri 26-Aug-11 11:42:56

This is probably a silly question but do I need to re-validate my MOBIB pass when I change lines on the metro? Had been using the 10 journey paper pass and just validating it once as I entered the metro and assumed that was then valid wherever I went for 1 hour. However I just got a MOBIB card and was reading the conditions:

"You validate it every time you board a bus or tram or enter an underground station (even if you have a season ticket or when you change between lines)."

Won't it charge me again if I swipe as I change? And I've never noticed all the other commuters doing so.

One other question, is a regular jump ticket valid all the way to Tervuren on the 44 tram? Guide book implies it might not be as outwith city limits but I bought one on the tram, stating my destination, and was just sold a regular jump.

Sorry that these questions are probably so obvious but I have googled lots and can't find a straight answer. As a new resident I'd rather not have a run in with the ticket inspectors and want to be 100% sure I'm giving the right advice to the many visitors we have over the next few months!

Thanks smile

AlpinePony Fri 26-Aug-11 16:06:59

Yes, you should swipe each and every time you change line/bus/whatever. Within the 1 hour time frame it will not charge you again. Other commuters in brussels are a law unto their own - and frequently fare-dodging - I know, I know, cheaps as chips + refunded by their employer but still won't pay. They need to be ordered to take the Northern Line daily to see how they feel about it.

(I worked for the software company that did the cards).

Don't know about the Tervuren tram tbh, but if it's operated by Stib rather than Tec or De Lijn then I would "assume" that it's covered by your card.

natation Sat 27-Aug-11 13:58:57

yes 44 tram is STIB so valid for all MOBIB and JUMP paper tickets.

MTB passes loaded onto MOBIB are valid on de Lijn, SNCB and TEC services only IF marked within the MTB zone - MTB passes are a little more expensive but if you live on a de Lijn route within the MTB limits which covers Brussels and little bits outside, it s worth paying the extra. If you stick to only STIB tram bus and metro, you need only regular STIB tickets, even when the service runs outside Brussels region like 44 tram.

BestImitationOfMyself Sat 27-Aug-11 15:44:26

Thanks for the replies smile however having just got home from another metro journey I am still confused. Changed from lines 2/6 to lines 1/5 at Arts Loi. I paid close attention and there are no swipe or stamp machines on either the platform or stairs/escalator between. How am I supposed to revalidate? And I can't believe the 100ish other passengers who I watched not swipe either are all fare dodgers?!

natation Tue 30-Aug-11 21:19:32

Just asked hubby who goes through Arts-Loi every work day, can't recall one there, I'm sure there is somewhere near the stairs connecting the lines, but proves he never revalidates there either. Yes you are supposed to re-vavlidate, but don't worry about it unless you are nearing the 60 minute limit for your journey where technically you need a new ticket if you are travelling on a single ticket, the revalidation after a change only checks you are under the 60 minute rule. People with season tickets (probably the majority of MOBIB users) just don't bother to validate at all when changing, as it makes no different to the price of the season tickets. I rarely bother to revalidate on single tickets loaded onto my MOBIB, pure laziness not wanting to look for the MOBIB machine - the exception is when travelling with the children who love looking for the machines! I've been inspected about once every 6 months as a 3 times a week user of public transport, I'm sure on some of those occasions I have failed to revalidate but no inspector has ever said anything, so assume they cannot see you have not revalidated, that their readers simply read you are within the 60 minutes.

Fare doging is getting harder with all the new barriers, but still several stations without them. Easy to get 2 or more through at once, see people often squeezing in, when it happens to me, I'm a jobs-worth, always try and stop them.

Longtime Wed 31-Aug-11 07:52:31

As natation says, I shouldn't worry too much about the revalidating if you can't see a machine. If an inspector checked your ticket, I can't see you being fined if you are within the hour.

Natation, I saw a young man climb over the barrier last week! He did it so nimbley (sp?) I can only assume he does it regularly.

BestImitationOfMyself Wed 31-Aug-11 12:50:55

Thank you, you've put my mind at rest. I'm never anywhere near the hour so will keep looking out for the machines when I change but worry less smile

gastrognome Sat 03-Sep-11 09:23:25

You don't re-validate when on the metro as there are no machines when down on the platforms or on the trains. Just when changing bus/tram lines or switching between bus/tram and metro. If you are within the hour limit you won't be charged for another journey.

natation Sat 03-Sep-11 15:30:52

You know I think Gastrognome is right, hubby still cannot find MOBIB machines on the stairs between platforms at Arts-Loi. Perhaps it was decided 1) because of numbers changing and 2) the fact that the maximum metro journey is always less than 60 minutes that it was decided not to put MOBIB machines at metro change stations (not many of these anyway). You would only go over 60 minutes through Arts-Loi if changing from a bus, and if that were the case, you can validate your MOBIB at the machines in the ticket hall, before descending to the platforms, as there are definitely machines upstairs.

Longtime, those barriers are quite high, I certainly couldn't climb over them! Our youngest decided to press the exit button on the disabled barriers at Hankar metro station a few months back, she went through the barriers and they closed on her, leaving her stranded between the first and second set of barriers. After about 10 minutes of panicking, watching metros go without us, passengers trying and failing to get our daughter out, no answer on the emergency intercom, eventually we got her to climb over the top and it certainly was NOT easy to get her over.

Longtime Sat 03-Sep-11 22:13:09

natation, they are indeed high but he was young and fit (looked like a student). No way would I have attempted. Ds1, dd and I all looked at one another like this shock.

I'm not sure if the barriers you mean are the same as the double barriers at Beaulieu but if they are first of all the intercoms don't work (it's marked on them that they are not in use) and secondly you have to pull the switch/handle thing underneath the green metal flap below the yellow intercom button to release the doors. Makes a beeping sound after you've done it which has to be stopped by a stib employer but that's not your problem!

I always use to validate my 10-place ticket when changing lines at Mérode but I haven't noticed whether or not there's a MOBIB machine or not.

natation Sun 04-Sep-11 09:58:45

It was the disabled exit she decided the get herself trapped in, couldn't get any doors open. Welll if I am not busy panicking, next time I will know how to open the doors in an emergency!

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