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Sick of packing up the house to move abroad - help me see the light!

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latermater Sun 21-Aug-11 14:15:28

DCs and I move to KL on Thursday to join DH and we are letting our house unfurnished. I seem to have done nothing except sift through belongings, pack things for shipping and storage, organise workpeople, tidy the house for viewings, talk to the estate agents and shout at the children (who can make a tremendous mess in a perfectly empty room) for months in a continuous loop. There is a still the kitchen/larder, downstairs bathroom and garden to clear up and our own packing to do and although I know it will get done I just feel at the end of my tether. Also just noticed a damp patch on the playroom wall where it backs onto the shower room and have run out of time to investigate it (have not yet found a tenant). Tell me we will get there (and that it will feel good once we have) - at the moment I cannot believe it.

acatcalledbob Sun 21-Aug-11 14:30:23

You will get there! You won't even remember doing this once you've gone (I did the same as you 3 years ago and was 6 months pg so maybe that's why I can't remember it grin)

I find it helps to make a micro-list - write down absolutely everything you need to do so that you get to tick off loads of things. Also get your DH to send you photos if he hasn't already and keep them in mind as you pack. I find some really loud music helps too. Finally, have you got any friends or family nearby who can help in return for a future free bed in KL?

Before you know it, you'll be on the plane.

wordsonapage Sun 21-Aug-11 14:41:03

Second the list idea but make sure you use it rather than it becoming another chore.

Remember that where you are going people already live there and they actually do have shops so its not a disaster if you forget something

Though ds's essential teddy was virtually stapled to my arm in the fear that I would inadvertently put him in the shipping crate

I still need up with one red shoe in storage ...found the other one in the suitcase.

Oh and wine and takeaways are your friend

wordsonapage Sun 21-Aug-11 14:42:14

We also got a ten foot gigantic skip and were completely ruthless's the ultimate declutter

latermater Sun 21-Aug-11 15:36:21

Thank you both. Yes, Bed Ted and DS's Crunchy Miffy (don't ask) are safely accounted for and BIL and SIL have kindly driven 2 hours from London to take the children off my hands for a few hours. The peace and quiet is wonderful. Back to emptying the wardrobes. No wine left in the house though I am working my way through the spirits we had around: well, we can't take them with us and you can't give away a bottle containing a couple of inches of Campari!

MistyB Mon 22-Aug-11 16:14:32

Have a cocktail party with the remaining spirits!!

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