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Advice from mums in Canada

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howcomes Sat 20-Aug-11 04:07:13

hi, I've recently arrived in Toronto and I need to buy a couple of stairgates, where is the best place to shop for them? I've tried Toys R Us but can you recommend anywhere else? doesn't seem to stock as much as the or .com versions, is the duty fee on .com horribly expensive?

Thanks for helping!

Jacksmania Sat 20-Aug-11 04:44:16

Sears or The Bay would be your best bet. Or Wal-Mart.
Where in Toronto are you? I'm on the West Coast near Vancouver so not much use to you but am from Toronto originally, moved here in '04.

Pepa Sat 20-Aug-11 05:34:24

Try a Saftey Superstore they have the widestselection (google them) the location I use it in Mississauga (just outside TO) at Hwy 403 and Dundas. I think there's a location in the north of the GTA as well...

Pepa Sat 20-Aug-11 05:35:30

Sorry for the typos I'm on my phone

Jacksmania Sat 20-Aug-11 06:26:04

Safety Superstore, good idea. Oh and howcomes, when people refer to "the GTA" they mean "the greater Toronto area".
How do you like it do far? It's all new and strange, isn't it.

Jacksmania Sat 20-Aug-11 06:26:43

So far smile
On phone, too grin

howcomes Sat 20-Aug-11 14:58:48

Thanks for all the replies, it's much appreciated! I'm in Danforth now after spending the first 2 weeks in Dufferin.

So far so good, people I've spoken to have been helpful and friendly so I am enjoying our new life out here. We don't have a car so I've been out and about exploring with my 15month ds in his sling trying to keep in the shade, it's so hot here, though I guess we should enjoy it while we can as I hear the winters are something else smile

Thanks again for the replies!

madwomanintheattic Mon 22-Aug-11 19:02:57

wal mart wal mart wal mart.

if you can bear it. wink

welcome to canada!

ggirl Mon 22-Aug-11 19:05:54

A large Shoppers Drugmart may sell babygates.

madwomanintheattic Mon 22-Aug-11 19:07:12

get a baby backpack with a sunshade - over here in the wild west they are de rigeur grin (and a chariotcarriers three wheeler/ cycle trailer/ stroller - mozzie screen/ sunscreen or open to the elements as conditions dictate. they get through mega snow too wink and if you chuck a duvet in with the snowsuits, they are plenty warm enough down to about -25/30. perfect for sun or... er... what's to come)

Jacksmania Mon 22-Aug-11 20:08:16

My parents love the Danforth area, we usually go there at least once whenever I go back to visit. Yummy yummy Greek restaurants. And bookshops. And shoe stores...
There's also a really great health food store called "Carrots" in the area - interestingly, it's located in a little square of shops etc called "Carrot Common" grin

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