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alibeenherealongtime Mon 15-Aug-11 09:18:46

DD (25) is moving to Luxembourg to a new job with Ernst and Young, in Munsbach area, she would be very grateful for ideas and help on where is good to live and if anyone knows of someone looking for a flatshare, co-location, rooms to rent etc, or good inexpensive agents to use.

If anyone would like a paying guest until she finds her feet that would be fantastic too! She has been a paying guest before in Paris for 3 months until she found a flat, she is well house trained!

Any advice about cost of living, whether to lease or buy a car, use public transport etc.

Thank you

Weta Mon 15-Aug-11 19:06:37

I did reply to your previous message asking for general info... congrats to your DD!

She could look on the website for adverts for accommodation. I'd definitely recommend living in town or close if possible, depending on what she can afford (Belair and Limpertsberg are nice suburbs but expensive, then suburbs like Bonnevoie (but not the bits right near the station) and Gasperich are close to the centre but cheaper, otherwise right in the centre is good too, though probably not right near the station).

Villages like Niederanven are close to Munsbach (and cheaper than Lux-City) but they really are very quiet!

Not sure what to say about transport,though I suspect public transport to Munsbach will not be very good.

alibeenherealongtime Mon 15-Aug-11 21:42:45

Thank you Weta for the useful info, I meant to feedback on the other thread, but on a different PC and had problems accessing, hence namechange!

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