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Anyone in toulouse?

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minkymeerkat Fri 12-Aug-11 12:07:17

DH has possible chance of job in Toulouse, was just wondering of any areas that are nice or best to avoid. DH happy to drive for up to an hour as does that at the moment

Jubble Tue 16-Aug-11 15:22:01

I'm in Toulouse (well just outside). Both me and my DH live and work here.

As we don't live in the city itself, I can't really comment on the nice or not so nice areas, there are lots of villages around which are nice, and there are a lot of Brits here too. We live about 25 minutes outside Toulouse, but there is no publice transport so we always drive.

If there's anything else you want to ask, let me know.

QueenofWhatever Wed 17-Aug-11 14:28:36

I'm just thinking about applying for a job in Toulouse with one of the big English-speaking companies and moving there with DD who is six. Do you have kids and do they go to French speaking schools? I'm beginning to think this would be a good age for her, although she'd have to travel back to England regularly to see her Dad.

Are you glad you moved out there? What's the reality of living in France like for you?

minkymeerkat Wed 17-Aug-11 18:49:06

Where about are you jubble? Have been looking more south of Toulouse. Its very early days but I would love it. DH is the one dragging his heels a bit sad

Jubble Thu 18-Aug-11 13:30:55

I live north-west of Toulouse. My DS is only 1.10 so he's with a french nounou (childminder) while I work 4 days a week. He's only just starting to talk so it's a bit of a mix of french and english at the moment as both me and my DH are english and speak english to him at home.

We do plan on him going to French speaking schools, starting with Maternelle, probably next September.

The families I know whose kids have grown up here tend to be fluent, and some of the schools here have immersion classes for the British kids to help them with their french.

We do like living out here, but it was work that brought us both (separately) out here. We've been here about 12 years now, and have no current plans to move back to the UK.

The reality of living here has its ups and downs. After our DS arrived, I missed our families hugely, and we have accepted that going out for dinner isn't feasible, but lunch works okay. We haven't found a babysitter yet, but we're still looking. Skype is a great way to keep in touch with family back home.

The cost of living isn't hugely different to the UK. Fuel is cheaper, but food shopping is comparable.

I hope that helped smile

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