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Moving to HK in a couple of weeks - last minute tips!

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Mummysaysno Wed 10-Aug-11 08:28:03

We'll be moving to HK in a couple of weeks, in the UK at the moment. We are able to bring some food with us... any tips? Anything that is hard to get/so expensive it may be nice to stock up on?
Any other last minute things not to forget?
Thanks MNers!

TheBride Wed 10-Aug-11 09:41:51

Tbh, I wouldnt worry about food. The stuff that is really pricey here is usually perishable. Teabags maybe? Nice marmalade?

Are you going straight into a house or into a serviced apartment? How many children and how old are they? Not being nosey, it'll just help me think what you shd bring.

steamedtreaclesponge Wed 10-Aug-11 09:45:21

Cheese is outrageously expensive - but that's not a very practical thing to try and take with you!

I'm very envious - I used to live in HK and still try and get back there whenever I can.

Mummysaysno Wed 10-Aug-11 10:39:44

Thanks ladies! Steamedtreaclesponge, having read your name I feel like I should go and buy one of those puddings in a tin!
We have three kids, they love love cheerios, but I'm sure I'll be able to get them there(?). Bit of a thing going on with yoghurt coated fruit snacks at the moment (fruit flakes) so I will probably get some of those. We will be in a serviced apartment, but I will get the food with our sea delivery, by which time I expect to be in our proper home.
I'm struggling to think of anything my kids lurve that is non-perishable - I know when we lived in NYC, I missed Heinz Beans, as the US ones just tasted different, and the British shop in Greenwich was great, but soo expensive!
Orange squash?
Really I would like to take cheese and yoghurts, but I'm not sure that would be great when they arrived in a few weeks time!
Wondered, where do you get boring basics from for kids - socks/vests/undies? Basically all the stuff I rely on John Lewis for here?
Thanks again!

Mummysaysno Wed 10-Aug-11 10:44:16

Bit random, but decaf teabags?

TheBride Wed 10-Aug-11 13:41:52

M&S do decaf teabags I think, but bring some in case. Ribena readily available as is squash, Cheerios and baked beans.

Clothes- M&S deliver to HK for £15. You need to keep a UK billing address though. John Lewis tragically do not deliver to HK yet, but I feel it's only a matter of time grin.

Kids clothes in HK are a touchy subject- they are super expensive. I'd bring a year's worth with you if you can.

laptopwieldingharpy Thu 11-Aug-11 04:29:13

yes kids clothes and underwear (bras) for you if you are a plus size.
I would also suggest winter shoes for kids as quality kids shoes are a rare comodity and quite pricey (that is if you do find the size).
A good winter jacket for kids. You will find basic things here but they come in relatively short supply and a couple of months into the seasons, its hard to find some sizes.

foodwise, all main supermarket carry all items you mentioned and more.

good luck with the move

TheBride Thu 11-Aug-11 09:30:42

Oh- I just thought of something else- electric radiators. Buy a few in the Uk and have them shipped over. You may scoff but HK winters are actually quite cold and nowhere has any heating. Fortress (like Currys) will get some electric radiators in around November and they will be sold in 3 wks to people with foresight and then when the people with no foresight (ie me) go in when it's actually got cold they say 'sorry- sold out for this year'.

lilham Thu 11-Aug-11 21:00:08

I'm actually shocked at all the suggestions about winter clothes and electric heaters. I used to live there and it's insanely hot and I can't remember needing anything for proper winter. And at most it's cold for a week. You are more likely to need thinner jerseys and coats so you have the winter look without the warmth. grin

I agree with underwear suggestion. And also clothes if you are size 12 (?) or bigger. The clothes are incredibly small. (Someone can correct me on this. Shops like H&M should have UK sizes on the clothes).

TheBride Thu 11-Aug-11 21:14:55

Lilham- it's really not hot all year round. Jan/Feb have been pretty bloody cold. No, ten degrees is not cold cold, buit it is when you live in an uninsualted house with no heating, plus it gets ridiculously damp. November in HK last year was absolutely freezing. Kids were wearing snow suits. It perked up again in Dec but there are definitely seasons. It's not like Singapore.

Shanghaidiva Fri 12-Aug-11 09:19:46

Boden delivers to HK and Book Depository ships for free to HK. English language books are readily available, but quite pricey. Agree about bras. I live in mainland China so HK is a shopping paradise for me!

Mummysaysno Fri 12-Aug-11 17:59:55

Thanks so much everyone - replies have been very helpful. Boden shipping there - great news! Maybe we'll manage a flight to Australia for shopping!
Thinking on it all!

laptopwieldingharpy Sat 13-Aug-11 01:58:11

This winter was really cold nov to end feb. Do bring the electric radiators if you have them.
Happy move!

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