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Potential move to Oz

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traveltravail Thu 04-Aug-11 17:12:25

Have just been phoned out of the blue for a role in Oz for 2 years, then back to London. I basically need to decide tomorrow if its viable to apply (though obviously could drop out later if its not).

We had not been looking to move (though lived in Brussels for 4 years so know we can do expat living). The job is for me so I would be only earner unless DH can get a trailing spouse working visa ... (no DC).

The role is around Sydney (Chatsworth is one suburb mentioned).

What would I need to consider? Cost of living? Anyone else's experiences?


PS Will also post in Chat for traffic, but appreciate the expertise on this board

Bubbaluv Fri 05-Aug-11 02:54:38

Urgh - just typed big reply and it's vanished!!
Anyway, was going to say that living in Sydney is lovely but exy, so you need to make sure you will be earning enough to support both of you. Ask the company if they pay LAFHA as this can make a big difference.
CHeck out the visa situation for your DH too as it will make a big difference.
What sort of work would you be doing?

If you are obsessed with statley homes, museums and ancient sites you probably won't like Aus so much, but if you like clean open spaces, a healthy lifestyle beaches etc then you'll love it.

We moved back from London to Sydney 18 months ago and it took some readjustment but it really is a good place to live.

Keep in mind that Sydney is geographically huge and spread out and different areas are very very different. I am often left wondering what planet some MN Aussies live on when they post about their Sydney experiences - some good some bad.

Let me know if you want any specific answers - happy to help.

Apply - nothing to lose!!

ninedragons Fri 05-Aug-11 03:36:46

Sydney on one income probably won't be much fun unless it is a really rather big one. Don't do a straight GBP-AUD conversion and think it sounds like a good salary because cost of living here can be quite extraordinary compared to the UK. But if you're living the Zone 1 London life already it's probably much of a muchness.

Perhaps the suburb mentioned was Chatswood? Check or for rental places. Loads and loads of Brits live in Sydney in general and in particular Manly, which is not that far from Chatswood, so you will find a ready-made social circle. Being an unemployed trailing spouse wouldn't be my cup of tea but obviously that's for your DH to decide.

Sydney has a very high migrant population (I am, literally, the only person in my social circle who was born in Sydney) and thus can be quite ghetto-ised - Chatswood is very Chinese, Coogee quite Irish, St Ives South African Jewish and so on - so you would probably be best to refrain from signing a long-term lease until you had had a look at the neighbourhoods.

nothingnatural Fri 05-Aug-11 22:42:20

I think it would be a fantastic opportunity for you. Not so sure that a male trailing spouse who couldn't work would have much fun, partic if you have no children. What would he actually do? Particularly bearing in mind Australias quite macho culture.

Also although you have lived in Brussels and have a good idea of ex-pat life, there are features which are peculiar to living in Australia - ie I think the time difference makes you feel VERY isolated from the rest of the world. Also the time difference makes keeping in touch with friends and family quite hard - phone calls either have to be made in the evening or early morning for instance which is INCREDIBLY annoying when you just want a chat with your mum at lunch time for instance.

BUT saying all that, if the sums add up and your dh can work out a role for himself, I would definately go for it. Sydney is a wonderful city, Australia is an amazing continent. You'd never regret it.

Also Ninedragons your point about suburbs being very culturally and racially distinct is really interesting! grin

nothingnatural Fri 05-Aug-11 22:45:53

Also op you might want to read this Budgeting in Sydney thread, Aus really is quite spenny!

travailtotravel Fri 05-Aug-11 23:07:03

Thanks nothing; very helpful. I fear the DH issue - he has the lead career here and won't stand for doing nothing! I can't ask what kind of visa he would be able to get yet as I want them to think I actually want the job, not just the opportunity IYSWIM, but its really the crux question.

Bubbaluv Fri 05-Aug-11 23:15:23

Can you speak to the Aus Embassy or something and ask what the requirements are for a Trailing Spousal Visa? At least find out what the options are.
The company is asking you to move to the other side of the worlds so I don't think it's unreasonable of you to ask about the implications for your DH.
What does your DH do? Could he get a visa in his own right?
Anyway, no reason not to apply - if the visa situation doesn't work out you can always turn down the offer.

Bubbaluv Fri 05-Aug-11 23:21:18

I assume you'd be on a 457 working visa?
This is what the immigation website says you can do on it (note the second point!):

What does this visa let me do?
With this visa you can employ overseas workers for a period of between one day and four years.

With this visa those people you employ from overseas can:

*work in Australia for a period of between one day and four years
*bring any eligible secondary applicants with them to Australia – secondary applicants can work and study
*after entering Australia, have no limit on the number of times they travel in and out of Australia.

travailtotravel Sat 06-Aug-11 11:22:31

Bubba - thanks. I found that last night too ... so good I am thinking along the right lines; there's no other visa they could offer me based on what I found.

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