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Kids party suppliers in Australia

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nothingnatural Thu 04-Aug-11 04:14:28

Hi there, I'm trying to organise my daughers birthday party - she wants a pony party and I'm googling like crazy but most of the party sites that are coming up are pretty crummy.

Does anyone have any recommendations?

Thumbwitch Thu 04-Aug-11 04:18:11

1. Where in Australia are you?
2. Have you tried looking for local riding schools, see if they can help you out?

nothingnatural Thu 04-Aug-11 04:37:43

Cheers Thumb.

I'm near Adelaide, I did initially think of hiring ponies but they're about $300 a pop so am going for pony related games and "stuff" - blowers, hats, cake etc but can only find awful My Little Pony stuff or weird Wild Horses.

This site has some nice things but it's all bloody fairys etc. Which my otherwise girly dd has turned her nose up to.

nothingnatural Thu 04-Aug-11 04:41:40

The Complete Kids Party also has some nice stuff but no horses angry

nothingnatural Thu 04-Aug-11 04:43:32

OH My EFFING GOD!!! The answer to my prayers

nothingnatural Thu 04-Aug-11 04:51:52

Oh Goddamit the stuff on that site is all from the US.

Sometimes living in Oz sucks.

Tortoiseonthehalfshell Thu 04-Aug-11 05:03:13

The Farm Barn does miniature pony rides. At least, it's not mentioned in this link but we were there a few weeks ago and there were definitely ponies, atop which were small children.

CheerfulYank Thu 04-Aug-11 05:04:02

What are you looking for exactly? And when is the party? <major party geek emoticon>

nothingnatural Thu 04-Aug-11 05:11:10

Hey there Tortoise, thanks for the link - another good place for pony parties is Four Oaks Farm in Littlehampton. They also hire out ponies but as I said upthread they charge about $300 which is a bit much. I'll take my kids there after the party as for $30 you can get a pony ride, a fire engine ride and do some other stuff which looks really nice.

CheerfulYank - I'm looking for pony related activites and party favours and blowers, you know the kind of junk that kids go mad for for about 5 mins then gets chucked out. So far I've spent about 5 days researching this and getting lots of hits for UK or US stuff which is just right but I don't want to pay the humungous postage - and the party is in about 3 weeks so am a bit close to the wire for getting stuff here in time.

Tortoiseonthehalfshell Thu 04-Aug-11 05:18:25

Yeah, I was thinking you could go with a self-catered party and then just stump up the cash (I think FB charges $5 each) for pony rides. But that doesn't actually solve the pony-themed favours problem, I agree. And you're still paying for admission to the whole place. Depends how big the party is. How many guests?


Maybe try googling Melbourne Cup supplies? That's bizarrely popular.

nothingnatural Thu 04-Aug-11 05:29:50

Tortoise you are a GENIUS! Thanks chum.

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