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question for ladies in france - yucky question

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fanjoissues Sun 24-Jul-11 18:52:01

I originally posted this in general health and somone suggested I try and find someone living in France that may be abke to advise. I have had to name change for this! I am sorry that there is definitely too much information in this email! Do not read if you are eating or about to. We are on hols in south of France. I had a urine infection last week and was prescribed cefalexon antibiotic. I took hardly any of them as I was really busy at work and kept forgetting (lame excuse). It appears to have cleared up anyway. Just arrived on holiday (2 day trip in car) and now pretty sure have thrush and am in agony.

Went to chemust and had embarassing mime conversation! They did not sell canestan or microzole which someone suggested was similar and sold in France

I would be grateful for your thoughts on what I purchased (it was that or nothing).

2 pessaries (and no applicator) something called myleugyn (says L.P. 150 mg and nitrate d?econazole) use some tonight and then 3 nights time (internal use).

Also something called mycoApaisyl (econazole 1 %) a topical antifungul cream that has English instructions and says nothing about being able to use on your fanjo

Also Septidol 8 - cleansing gel for intimate hygeiene for use with gynaecological treatment (i.e. a mild soap I expect).

We are pretty sure that the myleugyn is thrush medicine but people on the general health board do not think this can be the only thrush treatment in france and generaly not sure if the mycoApaisyl (econazole 1 %) is suitable.

Any knowledgeable French residents on here? Yours hopefully............

BriocheDoree Sun 24-Jul-11 19:52:28

Ooh, you poor thing! Can't help as I've never had thrush, but I do know that it is "mycose vaginale" in French.
I would NOT use mycoapaisyl...I've only ever used that for athlete's foot.
You could try live yoghurt which is supposed to help...
Hopefully someone else will be along with some more info!

BriocheDoree Sun 24-Jul-11 19:54:16

Oh, and the generic term for Canesten is clotrimazole so you could try asking for "clotrimazole vaginale" and see if they have anything?

Weta Sun 24-Jul-11 20:02:16

Ouch! I never know what it's called and forget to check before going to chemist so just whisper 'candida' in their ear and they seem to figure it out.

I don't know what the names are but I have often been given what I guess is a pessary (shaped like an egg, to put inside the vagina - no applicator, you just kind of poke it up inside - sorry TMI here as well!) and it's been very effective. Sounds similar to what you have, as the repeating after 3 days rings a bell. They always give me that gynecological soap as well.

My son has had an econazole cream for athlete's foot, so I'm sure it's an active ingredient to treat fungal infections. Myleugyn definitely sounds promising as the 'my' will be short for 'mycose' (fungal infection) and the 'gyn' will mean it's for gynecological purposes.

I'd be dubious about the Mycoapaisyl, but the other things sound promising and will probably clear it up fine.

Good luck!!

tb Mon 25-Jul-11 10:40:52


I had very bad thrush on holiday once, and ended up resorting to a village pharmacy one Saturday afternoon.

The pharmacy was full of elderly ladies having a gossip.

I sidled up to the counter, and asked for something for 'candida'. The assistant then, to my complete and utter horror, asked me where it was!! Cue a silence where you could have heard a pin drop. Very embarrassed, I muttered 'dans le vagin'.

She sold me some stuff that my gp in the uk told me wasn't available over the counter.

Thankfully, since moving to France, I haven't had thrush. Both the village gp's are male, and the concept of chaperones is totally unknown.

Have had a letter in my bag for 3 months for a gynaecologist, and am plucking up the courage to go for my second french smear test. Sorry for tmi, but I had never had to sit with my feet in stirrups before, felt like a well-scrubbed kitchen floor after, and bled for 3 days. Give me lying on my back with my knees bent, clenching buttocks madly while trying not to fart - especially when told to relax. grin

Otoh, try a post on in the health section You may get more information on the medecines that you were given.

fraktious Mon 25-Jul-11 12:19:39

DS has econazole for nappy thrush so that sounds about right. I need to back to the GP as we've both got it everywhere (except the fanjo thankfully!). Cider vinegar rinses are supposed to work well.

tb on the smear test front you can refuse stirrups. I always do.

BriocheDoree Mon 25-Jul-11 12:34:41

Wow, never had to go in stirrups for a smear test...
perhaps that's coz my gyne is not French?
Only time I put my feet in stirrups was for the strep B test before giving birth.

jenpetronus Mon 25-Jul-11 14:47:48

I live here and had thrush when I was pregnant with DS2 here (or "microscopic mushrooms" as it translates to hmm)
I had the myleugen pessaries (I seem to remember they are described as eggs??) and I had the cream too, but I'm sorry I can't remember if it was the same name as the one you have. I remember thinking at the time, Wow, this is a bit more effective than the Canestan I used last time, it really worked fast. I didn't have the wash thingy though. I would suggest maybe going back to the chemist (or another one!) and say you don't understand - many of the speak English. Really, it's better than having a miserable holiday, and it is just their job!
If it makes you feel better, shortly after we arrived here my DSiL arrived in a similar state, my French was pretty limited at that time & I still feel my face going hot and red at the memory of standing in our local pharmacy saying " gratte...ici (points)" blush

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