Things to bring when we move to Singapore next week!

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begonyabampot Mon 25-Jul-11 20:02:52

You can get most foods there but obviously a bit more expensive if typical 'expat' fare. If you are larger (not a skinny minnie) I'd stock up on swimwear and bras. Also prefer shopping for kids in UK as the clothes there tend to be either naff very cheap stuff sold at the local markets or more expensive designer wear stuff.

kday Sat 23-Jul-11 19:38:38

We are relocating from London to Singapore next week with an almost four year old and an almost two year old (I'm also 5 months pregnant). For those who live or have lived there, is there anything you just can't buy there that you would suggest I stock up on in London, for the kids or for me? i'm thinking kids books, snacks, food generally - any tips gratefully received!

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