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Moving to Nigeria advice on food preparation

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Tweedie Thu 21-Jul-11 20:48:43

This is my first post, my friend recommended mumsnet saying that I should be able to get some good advice so here goes.

I am moving to Lagos Nigeria for 2 years in a couple of months with my DH with his work. Anyone any helpful advice on the following

Do you need to clean vegatables before peeling, is tap water OK or would you need to soak in a milton solution as per cleaning salad and fruit that you are not going to peel.

Do you still need to use bottled water for cooking or is tap OK if it is boiled first also is tap water OK for making tea / coffee once boiled

Washing up would very hot tap water & anti bac washing up liquid be OK or once again do you need to use boiled.

Any other good suggestion / advice on food prep / kitchen hygiene welcome.

This will be my first time living abroad so it's all a bit new to me, there is so much to be aware of and learn about life in Nigeria so I am trying to gain as much advice as I can before I go.


complexnumber Fri 22-Jul-11 12:09:22

I am no hygienist, but I can sympathise with your worries having been in a similar position some years ago.

There is a danger that you can become paranoid and try to live life in a sterile vacuum.

I would say that, as long as your hands are clean, any fruit or veg that is peeled should be safe. Any food that has been fried, boiled or roasted should be safe (again, assuming the handlers hands are clean).

It is unlikely you'll manage your 2 years without a few bouts of not wanting to be more than 50 yds from a loo. But if you are open minded it could be a hell of an experience. (I don't mean sitting on the loo will be a hell of an experience... maybe it will!)

Good luck.

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