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Doha accom questions?

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UmPixie Thu 21-Jul-11 16:11:06

Hello Doha experts. anyone got any experience of having a Qatari ministry find your accom for you? is part of our package and wondering what that's going to mean for us--as far as I can gather the main thing is means DH will be out there put up in a hotel for a couple of months at least while accom is sourced for us and we'll have to wait til that's arranged to follow him--but is it likely to mean compound / non-compound? and what sort of size/no of bedrooms should we expect for our family of 4

frikonastick Thu 21-Jul-11 19:15:57

Do you mean you will be working for a qatari government department and they have offered to find you accommodation?

In the short term, there is a website called expat woman . Com and they have a Qatar section that is pretty good.

Hope this helps

UmPixie Fri 22-Jul-11 19:37:35

erm DH is working for a UK institution but being supported by package from Qatar Foundation including provision of accomodation, my last experience of Qatar was over 10 yrs ago so wondering what we should be expecting will have a look at expatwoman thanks for the tip

frikonastick Sat 23-Jul-11 07:13:09

oh ok, sorry was thrown by mention of the ministry :-)

Kiwinyc Tue 02-Aug-11 11:08:14

Surely it would be best for your DH to ask his sponsors what sort of accomodation they're likely to provide?

Doha really only has either apts in high rises, (West Bay, or The Pearl) or villa's in smaller or large compounds. There are also apts in low rise buildings, I think these are more towards Al Saad and the one we viewed was very close to The Center Mall. I guess there are also standalone villas in West Bay Lagoon but not many and they're expensive.

UmPixie Mon 22-Aug-11 08:20:04

thank all, yes we've asked and we've been told 3 bed apt for our family of 4 which is not what we were hoping for so wondering whether we've got precedent to argue for 4 bed villa, we really want some outside space ....

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