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Folk in Japan

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PlasticFlamingo Thu 14-Jul-11 10:07:27

Hi, I just wondered how everyone was doing?
Are you saving energy? It's so hot today, a whole summer of this and no aircon (well maybe a little) is daunting. We are spending a lot of time in pools or at the beach.

I am also buying lots of foreign food to reduce nuke exposure, is anyone else doing the same? Carbon footprint, HUGEshock

Time for another showerwink

RuthChan Thu 14-Jul-11 18:36:08

Woah, that doesn't sound good!
We'll be flying out for three weeks in Japan next week.
We will be staying with family and friends and trying to visit as many people as possible while we're there, but I am not looking forward to dealing with the heat.
It will be my DS's first Japanese summer and my DD's first in 3 years, I don't think they'll cope very well.

Other than the lack of power for air con, my DH's family don't seem to have seen too much change in their daily lives. (They live in Aichi)
Though most companies have changed their 'weekend' holidays to days other than Saturday and Sunday to spread the power use.
Have the rest of you noticed more changes?

TanteRose Tue 19-Jul-11 03:55:04

well, we are trying to cut back on electricity - didn't use the aircon last week even when the temps were high (33/34 deg. C). However, we relented last night, as the humidity skyrocketed, with the coming huge typhoon...

Hope you can avoid the typhoon, Ruthchan - it is making landfall in Shikoku today, and then will make its way very slowly east towards Kanto tomorrow and Thursday.

I have no really changed my shopping habits. We are still eating local (Kanagawa fish). Our supermarket milk is from Hokkaido.
Am certainly avoiding Japanese beef, though confused Did you hear the latest? Loads more beef cattle were given radioactive feed? FFS!

Rain today so nice and cool!

have a safe trip, Ruth smile

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