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Calling mumsnetters in France

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babybaabaa Sun 10-Jul-11 22:06:54

This is an unusual request but please do cat me if you think you may be able to help.

We have had the most lovely, kind gap year au pair staying with us for past year who is due to leave to go home to Switzerland in just under two week's time.

She is however not going home by the usual means and is going to cycle instead via Brittany, down the West coast towards the Pyrenees and then across the bottom bit of France towards Italy.

I have been trying to think of something extra to money that I can give her as a leaving present and thought of hotel vouchers that she could use in France for a luxury bed/bath/rest/recuperation if she ever needs them. I can't however find any that would be suitable as they seem to be for expensive hotels in Paris mainly.

If anyone knows of any contacts who might be vaguely on this route and who I might be able to pass on to her as potential friendly emergency stops if she gets into any sticky situations please would you cat me.

I am happy to reimburse any costs should she need to make use of any help.

Thank you very much.

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