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Germany advice!

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MrsSatsuma Mon 04-Jul-11 23:14:21

DH and I are planning to go to Germany this summer for a holiday. I would also love to go over for an extended stay - a year or so - as I'm pretty good at German but would like to be fluent. He has only been to Berlin before, and I want to take him somewhere in Bavaria to see the lakes/mountains.

Does anyone have any recommendations as to which part of Bavaria we should go to? I particularly want to go there as I haven't (have spent a few months in Hessen and Freiburg) and I need to impress him if he's ever going to consider moving there!

Also any info regarding expat lifestyle that could reassure him would be good....

Thanking you kind people in advance!

doradoo Sat 09-Jul-11 19:02:59

Look here: loads of info for English speaking expats in Germany - many of them Munich based so can probably help you more with your questions.

I'm in NRW and love being here in Germany. We were in Bavaria for our family holiday last year - in Reit-im-Winkl - right down on the Austrian border and it was lovely. Can let you have the details of where we stayed if you're interested.

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