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empirestateofmind Fri 24-Jun-11 14:28:39

We are visiting the UK soon and will be there for six weeks. I am wondering what to do with my iphone as I want to be able to use it for calls but I don't want to be on roaming charges.

Does anyone know if you can get the small iphone sim cards as pay as you go in the UK?

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redexpat Sun 26-Jun-11 00:14:38

Ooh pass. Think this is the sort of thing you can ask a friend or family member to find out for you. Alternatively could you look online?

I have a PAYG sim for my very old nokia.

empirestateofmind Sun 26-Jun-11 05:53:30

Thanks redexpat I'll have a look on-line. I don't think my family or friends use iphones. I know I can get a PAYG for my old Nokia but I was hoping to be able to use my iphone as I am addicted to it like it.

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savoycabbage Sun 26-Jun-11 06:45:58

Yes, I did just that at Christmas. My phone didn't work at the stopover in Dubai.I just went in to O2 when I got there and I kept the UK sim card in for the flight home so my pesky infant could play on the phone.

empirestateofmind Sun 26-Jun-11 16:46:41

Thanks savoy, that's good to know as the O2 website isn't helpful and only mentions full size sim cards.

Orange seem to do the micro sims. The website had a number to call if you wanted one but the number is only manned office hours.

Sounds like I can get one, which is good news.

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savoycabbage Sun 26-Jun-11 22:52:24

Mine was O2 but I just went in the shop nearest where I was standing leaving plenty of time to race around the shops I was actually interested in. Which was many, many shops.

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