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Geordieminx Thu 23-Jun-11 22:01:35

Dh has been potentially offered a contract over there...

We know nothing of the states other than NYC or Disney blush

We have a 4 year old, and would probably go over as a family for a year, hopefully coming back to the UK before he starts school.

What's it like? Good/bad/everything.

Geordieminx Fri 24-Jun-11 14:07:30

Hopeful bump

wentshopping Sat 25-Jun-11 06:33:17

Not in Dallas, geordieminx, but further south in Houston. I can't remember if there is anyone else in Dallas. It's hot in summer, and cooler than here in winter, sometimes they have a frosting of snow I think, but nowhere near like a UK winter.
From a Houston pont of view, you can have a very nice life if you have a decent wage and medical insurance - sun shines just about every day. Being a big city there will be lots to do with your little one - you may even start preschool? Because of the heat, outdoor activities tend to be centered around (private) neighbourhood pools - ie you have to join the club to use the pool, or apartment complexes have their own pools.
There is dinosaur state park not too far south of Dallas where there are real dinosaur footprints to see, lakes for camping, boating etc. Also, you can fly direct to many other places to explore other parts of the US.
Make sure you have medical insurance (through employer) and UK holiday entitlement (US companies are not very generous). HTH

MrsOlf Sat 25-Jun-11 07:00:22

My DH has also been offered a post in Dallas, starting almost immediately. Looks like we might commute until the end of the year due to my work commitments and DD1's school (she starts reception in Sept in a brilliant school and DD2 starts nursery in same school after Oct half term.)
We'll be there for approx 1 year so tempted to home educate DD1 as (fingers crossed) we can get back into same school when we return...
Any other hints and tips greatly appreciated.

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