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Good primary schools in Utrecht or Hilversum (The Netherlands)

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lovefairytales Wed 22-Jun-11 12:50:52

I wonder if somebody could help me identify good (in terms of academic focus) primary schools in Utrecht (the city not the province) or Hilversum. I am looking for a Dutch school, which ideally also teaches English. I would like a school with a strong focus on reading/writing/numeracy which uses streaming.

So far I have not managed to find any as the ones which were recommended are totally full with no chance at all to get in.

Any advice gratefully received.

Pinkiemum Wed 20-Jul-11 13:22:44

Paulus school is a dutch school in Hilversum that teaches English from year 1 it is where my daughter will probably go in January, not many Dutch schools teach English that young.

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