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rentals in Perth

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giggly Sat 11-Jun-11 22:31:49

I suspect that there are loads of old threads on this but looking for up to date info please. I have a job in West Perth and just waiting for our visa to come through, so scouting about for a rental.

I would rather have a short commute as I will be working shifts so have looked at Maylands, Osbourne Park and Ardross and areas around these.
We will only have my wage to begin with so do not really want to pay above $350 PW for 3 beds. Have read that Maylands is much improved and is on the up but is this for real?

I know that where to live is a very personnel thing and we do have friends up in the North surbs where we will stay for a few weeks but to far to travel.
I intend to scout about for schools when we arrive havent decided on the state/private yet.
Any help much appreciated. Also what do you do in an unfurnished until stuff from home arrives? was thinking about blow up beds etc. and obviously IKEA[WINK]

giggly Sat 11-Jun-11 22:33:28

Oh no mywink did'nt work

gregssausageroll Sun 12-Jun-11 20:28:08

Firstly, you won't secure (or will be very unlikely to) a rental before you get to Perth. Getting a 3 bed for 350 a week is a tall order. $400 is much better. Don't secure anything before you go, even if it is offered as the photos that you see online may very well have been taken years ago.

We lived in the Northern Burbs (Woodvale) and it was only 25 minutes on the train to the city and the trains were good and frequent so don't rule out heading further North or South to get a better rental. Don't get your mind too set on a particular area until you get here and travel round/see what it has to offer. Keep an open mind is what I am saying. Where will you be working and where are your friends? Sorry, just read back that you are working in West Perth. You can get the train into the city and then the free cat bus to West Perth if you are further North/South. Frequent and quick.

Schools - most private places have huge waiting lists so I'd imagine you'd be looking at a good state school.

Rentals are empty so you will need fridge, freezer, microwave, beds, bedding etc. Quite a huge list but when you get here have a look in Target, Big W etc for cheap household stuff to get you going. Even borrow from the friends you have mentioned above - particularly stuff like crockery, cuttlery, glasses etc. Buy second hand on gumtree and have a garage sale of that stuff when your own stuff arrives.

We were lucky, we stayed with family until our container arrived.

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