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Brother moving to Brussels for a few months,where to stay?Urgent!Going next week!

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notsurewot2do Tue 07-Jun-11 14:38:18

He will be working near NATO in Evere but as yet to find accomodation.A room would be fine or even studio.Nothing to expensive!Must be Non-smoking.Commutable distance to work and to Gare du Midi(Eurostar).Also does anyone know of a local french language school,where he could take lessons after work!Any help appreciated....Thankyou

Longtime Tue 07-Jun-11 22:47:32 Would this be any good or is it too expensive?

natation Wed 08-Jun-11 07:11:11

Under 1000euro per month for a furnished and serviced apartment in Brussels is not easy to find. Short term rooms in private accommodation are quite rare, the easiest option is serviced apartments.

Each town "commune" has an adult education service where you can learn French for very little, but the courses run on terms like a school year. If your brother arrives in September, it would work out fine. Otherwise, the only option is private language schools.
Amira is known as cheap
CLL is a bit more expensive, but you pay for smaller group size. Woluwe campus is nearest to NATO.

natation Wed 08-Jun-11 07:18:45

Just looked on Immoweb, the main accommodation search website. I opted for 1 bed furnished in the postcodes Evere (1140), Brussels (1000), Schaerbeek (1030) as these are the most ideally situated areas, and there are indeed a few short term private lets advertised. Here's one ....

and another shared with another person...

Portofino Wed 08-Jun-11 13:35:19

Also try Xpats There are also room shares on their or you could put your own wanted ad on. The place I linked to is on the 21 bus route - the 21 and 80 buses both stop there.

Portofino Wed 08-Jun-11 13:54:23

There is also the Brussels Business Flats but again around 1000 euros per month for short term let.

notsurewot2do Wed 08-Jun-11 21:27:27

Thank you all for the replies...will trudge through the links.....

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