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Hong Kong move - school questions!

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Mummysaysno Wed 01-Jun-11 13:46:26

Hi, we are planning a move to Hong Kong, as soon as possible, ideally to fit in with the new school term end August (I think!).

We have three children, and for September 2011, they would be in (UK system)... Year 2, Reception and pre-Reception.

I feel like the biggest issue is going to be the schools stuff. I think that we may be able to get our two youngest in to pre-school still (age wise they will be 4 and 3 years old) but our eldest is 6 (7 in early 2012). I've read that some pre-schools will keep older kids on while they are on wait lists... but is 6 too old?

We do have a relocation person due to help us, but having done an overseas move before, I prefer to have as much information up my sleeve as possible.

Thanks so much in advance for any help whatsoever!!

(PS we think we like Pokfulam area or Discovery Bay, but really are having school as priority, and will chose where to live based on where we can get a place!)

TheBride Wed 01-Jun-11 14:19:56

AFAIK 6 is too old for pre-school. The extension really only goes until they're five (so for children who stay in pre-school during the "reception" year.

Kellett is the British school and is in PFL. However, I think you'd be spectacularly lucky to get a place there at such short notice, but call them.

IMO, your best bet is to contact the ESF schools and see if they can do anything for you (they are based all over HK and work on a catchment system). They prioritise children who are non cantonese speakers and don't have a debenture system.There is one in Disco Bay and all over the island.

I would tell your reloc agent to get on it asap and to make this their No 1 priority to the exclusion of almost everything else tbh.

Pre-school not such an issue. Woodland is a popular choice (they have traditional and montesouri schools). Others are Sunshine House and HKPPA.

I would go school, flat, pre-school, in that order.


Mummysaysno Wed 01-Jun-11 14:33:01

Yes it does. Thanks - woodland is what we have been told for the little ones, so good to hear that again. ESF - I'll do some more research this evening. Thanks so much... all slightly daunting, but also exciting!

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