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Crazy question about furniture in Singapore

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kday Mon 30-May-11 14:53:26


We're hoping to relocate to Singapore in the Summer through my husband's work and have had some advice (not from someone who has lived there!) that the climate and humidity will ruin our furniture, paintings and pictures by causing mould to grow on everything and/or the wooden furniture to split.

Does anyone who lives or has lived there have any thoughts on this? I'd really like to take all our things with us as I think it will help us settle, but I don't want things to be completely ruined. All our furniture was bought in the UK - some is old, some is new. None of it is particularly expensive but we like it!

Many thanks for any help you can give.

Lollypolly Mon 30-May-11 15:00:07

Never seen mould on furniture here - been here 3 years and it's our third posting here. We run air con from time to time to keep the place cool and I think that helps too. We rent our place in the UK complete with furniture so bought all new stuff when we arrived here but no reason why you wouldn't bring yours - most people do.

expatinsingers Wed 01-Jun-11 04:49:57

Hi Kday,

I have sent you a pm.

laptopwieldingharpy Wed 01-Jun-11 08:44:47

no experience of mould on furniture but hear leather sofas best not laid against wall so air can circulate.
my friends have club chairs on a patio in a black and white, no problem at all. they oil them occasionally.

paintings a bit tricker especially prints. My 2 beautiful etchings are ruined after 4 years in the tropics!

there is some gorgeous furniture in sg though, so you might want to ditch a few old items and make good use of the great singapore sale when you arrive in the summer!

kday Fri 03-Jun-11 15:42:27

Thanks everyone for your replies (and your PM Expat - proper reply to follow shortly!). I think we'll take the majority of our things and spend a fortune on air con!
Laptop - where your etchings under glass? Someone has said it seems to be pictures/photos under glass that get the mould.

kday Fri 03-Jun-11 15:43:01

Sorry - were not where. Must proof read...

laptopwieldingharpy Sat 04-Jun-11 00:17:02

yes of course, under glass!

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