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kiwinyc, fellationelson, all you Doha soon to be people, over here!

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frikonastick Sun 29-May-11 08:47:51

being a bit bold here....grin

are you moving from the uk fellatio?

my shipment has been in doha for a few weeks now, i just havent sorted out my visas yet

Kiwinyc Tue 31-May-11 11:51:38

Hello there! We are moving from London, but DH has already been working there since last November. This is handy as he's scoped everything out. We've all been out to visit Doha twice, one week at the end of Feb and two weeks over Easter.

So far we've got school for our 8 and 5yo DD's sorted, our house rented to friends, and somewhere to stay when we arrive so we're pretty much on track.

But i'm still umming and ahhing about giving up my job and moving.... I have a great set up in London, work 3 days a week, school is a 5 min walk and i'm loathe to give it all up....

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