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Shanghai or Bust (Maybe Both...)

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TopazMortmain Sat 28-May-11 03:35:19

My DH and I are execs in an international company in South East Asia and we are about to be relocated to Shanghai with about four weeks notice. Very happy about it but slightly wobbly as discovered this week that I am also pregnant.

So! Any old Shanghai hands who can recommend the following:

1) A reliable estate agent who is going to make finding somewhere to live a beautiful, pleasant and hassle free experience.
2) A top notch obgyn / maternity hospital with all expected bells and whistles

Have been living in Asia for years so not very apprehensive, but do like to get things RIGHT.

Thank you. I am off to breathe into a paper bag.

TopazMortmain Wed 01-Jun-11 12:33:50


It's the OBGYN question I'm most worried about...

All suggestions gratefully received.

4pinkbabies Sat 04-Jun-11 09:17:28


I am in Shanghai and have been here for a year. We have 4 little daughters, but none of them were born here, so I am no expert on Maternity services. However, my 4 year old was in hospital with Pneumonia soon after arriving last year and the services at Shanghai United were amazing. Lots of expats use their services. A close friend has just been in Shanghai East for a week, said it was like a hotel. The other highly recommended hospital is Huashan Pudong United International Division, which is very new. We go there for outpatient care, but would use it for inpatient care too. I am not much help, I'm afraid. I suppose you could do some further searches on them all. It will also depend on where you are, as Shanghai is huge and if you are in labour in Puxi, trying to get to Pudong, you may not have time, especially if it's raining and rush hour smile I don't know anything about estate agents, as our move was all handled by our work. Good luck. As you are already in Asia, I am sure it won't be too traumatic.

TopazMortmain Sun 05-Jun-11 01:50:19

Thanks a lot for replying - will check them all out.

kf1979 Thu 09-Jun-11 14:00:44


I moved to Shanghai in January and am due to deliver my first baby in, ooohh, about 4 days time! gringringrin

I've been seeing the OBGYN at Parkway Health in Xintiandi, and am extremely happy with the service there and with my Dr. The other popular expat maternity hospital is United Family in Gubei/Hongqiao and from a straw poll of friends here it's a 50/50 split between the two. You'll need good insurance coverage though as costs are steep.

Feel free to PM me if you have any questions or fancy meeting up when you get here!

Also check out the website for some good tips.

kf1979 Thu 09-Jun-11 14:04:01

Also, Adrienne Farrelly is an Aussie estate agent at Shanghai Properties who works a lot with expats. Web is

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