Canada- a question for those of you over there.

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Indith Fri 20-May-11 12:59:22

Thanks christie, that sounds good.

Best go look at exchange rates and my bank balance before I go shopping grin.

Can't belive she is going in a little over a month <sob>

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christie2 Fri 20-May-11 12:26:45

Best bet is Ikea. Could also try for an HBC card as it permits user to go to at least different stores, Zellers (similar to walmart), the BAy (higherend dept store) and Rona which is a home reno store but also sells furnishings.

Indith Thu 19-May-11 14:52:33

Thank you that is great, shall have a good look later, may come down to who accepts overseas cards!

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ggirl Thu 19-May-11 13:10:42

i grew up in ontario , family all still there
there used to be a great dept store called eatons , but think it's gone now. may still be one in toronto at eaton centre
there is ikea
bowrings is nice
I suppose sears or the bay as well although they're not a patch on JL
best dept store holt renfrew

Highlander Thu 19-May-11 13:01:04

have a friend in Toronto, will ask.

Sears used to be the big one in Vancouver, also Bay Trading (I used to think that was a bit BHS-y though).

If she's going to be there for the winter, she'll be spending a lot of money on warm clothing in the Mountain Equipment Co-op (MEC).

Indith Thu 19-May-11 12:02:36

lunchtime bump

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Indith Thu 19-May-11 08:28:38

My lovely, lovely friend is moving to Totonto this summer, since her journey will involve a few stops and lots of moving stuff around I thought the best present would be vouchers to use in Canada.

CAn anyone help with what big department type stores there are? I assume there is an Ikea. Was thinking Ikea, John Lewis type to add furnishings to wherever they end up renting though any bright ideas welcome if there is somewhere I can get vouchers for for treats.

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