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Any Irish Mums in Sydney Mums ?

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batsforlashes Wed 11-May-11 11:26:12


Finally have relented and we are moving back to Sydney late August ( DH is a born and bred North Shore boy) with the 3 DC's. Loads of questions but first things first, I am trying to find out how to link into all the Irish mums in Sydney- it seems like half Ireland has left in the last year so I am sure you are there somewhere !!

I think we will either be living in the Balmain area (first preference) or lower North Shore, perhaps Willoughby/ Cammeray.

Look forward to picking your brains and perhaps finding a virtual shoulder to cry on to calm the thought of saying goodbye to family here.


sunnydelight Fri 20-May-11 00:14:16

Oh, me me and if you find all those Irish mums out there can you please tell me! I am surrounded by Brits - all lovely people but I know half of Ireland is living here too but I never meet them. I'm in Turramurra which is so not an "Irish area" - Willoughby isn't too far though, certainly within coffee drinking distance grin I have just come back from a trip to Dublin and Cork and even though I haven't lived in Ireland for many years it was so nice to be surrounded by people with the same sense of humour! PM me if you like.

batsforlashes Fri 20-May-11 21:42:44

Hi Sunny D !!!

Great to here from you- yes I have found all the Irish mums in Sydney - they have a Facebook page- do a search for IMGDU ( Irish mums Group Down Under) - there are over 100+ Irish mums and it seems to be gathering pace re the meet ups. I am not sure how the PM's work here but would love to chat a bit more - we can do the Irish thing of finding a mutual connection !

I bet you were in Ireland when it was sunny ? It rained pretty much every day for 3 weeks when we were in Sydney in April angry

ninedragons Fri 27-May-11 06:28:20

You need to go to Bondi or Coogee, Sunnyd. Can't chuck a rock without hitting an Irish person. Not that I would, of course grin

sunnydelight Fri 27-May-11 07:16:27

Yeah I know ninedragons, but they will probably be at least 20 years younger than me!

You bummed out with the weather bats, it really was a wet Autumn here and Sydney is one of those places that NEEDS sunshine to be seen at it's best. Typically when I arrived in Ireland it was a case of "you should have been here last week", weather was ok but not great.

I've had a look at that Irish mums website but they want a photo.........

IMGDUsydney Wed 15-Jun-11 02:58:40

Hi All,
I'm Cin one of the cofounders/organisers (there are 3 of us) from the IMGDU Sydney.
if your looking for Irish Mums to make friends with check out our facebook page or join us on
We meet fortnightly alternating between Fridays and Saturdays.
We have over 120 Irish mums who have formed great friendships over the past 12 months.
If your looking for that connection from home, the social interaction that us Irish are known for. Join up and let the fun begin.
No photo required lol
Look forward to hearing from you.

IMGDUsydney Wed 15-Jun-11 03:00:40

you can also email us.


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